Parrot Key…Just Add Color Ft.Myers, Florida Photographer

For those who don’t already know the tale…Parrot Key was created by a couple of sunburned snowbirds who thoroughly enjoy Caribbean food, drinks, and sunsets. The merry migration that brought these snowbirds to this location on Fort Myers Beach must have been destiny.

You’ll find that this roost has everything a touring toucan would enjoy- warm sunny weather, a carefree island lifestyle, a waterfront view nestled along the mangroves, endless boating days, excellent food, and ice cold drinks.

So please enjoy a bit of paradise at Parrot Key Caribbean Grill- a special place where colorful characters flock to eat, drink, and be merry. Tales of mystery, adventure and enchantment float through the air and the tastes of the tropics tease your senses.

“This is one of our favorite restaurant and bar experiences in the Fort Myers Beach area. A slice of the  Caribbean with an outstanding  and varied menu, complete with full bar and umbrella drinks. All  dining is essentially outdoors, but under cover. There is  something for everyone here.”

Is this the most beautiful drink EVER!!!! My mouth is salivating! How about yours?

Please visit Parrot Keys Website for more information.

If you enjoyed the pictures and/or visited this fun restaurant, I would love to hear your comments down below!

Have a great week!

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