Being Present Makes for the Best Art…Ft.Myers Photographer

We spent another day enjoying GOD’s nature and beauty today! Sometimes all you have to do is just be in the PRESENT to see the best art…it is all around you!!

You will see in the following photos, I added a technique using clipping masks to the images.This will give them a scuffed-up edge, so that the photo takes on a worn, aged apprearance.

Sir Dalton went on this trip with us…enjoying every minute watching his daddy fish!

He is such a goof ball! He will do ANYTHING to be by his dad!

The great thing of photographing animals, you really can capture the true character.

Capturing a very comical moment…Whoa…sit down!

Hey…I think we are on Candid Camera!

Let’s Get Out of Here!

Did you enjoy your trip to Being Present Makes for the Best Art?

Look around you…ART is everywhere!!

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7 thoughts on “Being Present Makes for the Best Art…Ft.Myers Photographer

  1. Laurie, LOVE these photos – the pelicans in flight with the sailboats in the background is spectacular! I TOTALLY get what you mean about “being present”! We do that on our golf course – admiring the beautiful wildlife, the landscaping, etc. Who needs to run around after a little white ball when you’re surrounded by the gifts of nature! Love, Kathy

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