Patty Cake…Ft. Myers Photographer

Nolan, “Do You Want to Play Patty Cake?”

“I get to play Patty Cake?” Oh, Boy….

“Patty Cake…Patty Cake…Bakers Men…”

“Toss it in the pan…for Nolan and Me!”

“Daddy…Do it Again!” “Okay, Nolan one more time…”

It’s always fun to tell a story with your photos!!

One of the followers of the blog, pointed out to me that this will be such a great reminder of our memories in the future!!! I never thought of it quite that way. After seeing Nolan playing Patty Cake in these images…I hope he always has this sparkle in his eyes,no matter what life brings!

Celebrate every moment…..

Do you have a upcoming memory you need me to capture for you?

Leave your comments…I enjoy them so!

Have a great day!

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