Life Is Short. Take The Trip…


Hello, My Friends!…For years, The Haystack Rock has been on my bucket list! National Geographic Magazine named Cannon Beach “one of The World’s 100 Most Beautiful Places” in their June 2013 issue. That comes as no surprise to those, who have experienced the miles of scenic sandy beach with dramatic shoreline rock formations like the 235 foot Haystack Rock. To be honest, I didn’t think I would ever have the opportunity to see it.

The weather was NOT cooperative the day we visited.

But, when there is 200,000 visitors per year, a bad weather day can keep the crowds at bay.


We had not a clue once we landed in Cannon Beach, how to find this beauty.

We drove up and down the main street of the city and saw no signs.

I told Tarzan, “Okay, lets just turn down one of these little alleys and see if it takes us to the ocean.”

When we turned down the first one and drove to the end, This is what we saw!

“Holy, Moses! We found it!, I said.”

I jumped out of the car with it running, leaving Tarzan with his mouth hanging open.

He couldn’t believe how excited I was! (You would think after 20 years, the man would be used to this.)


I am not going to lie, I was very disappointed at first, how terrible the weather was for only October.

I had planned this moment for so long…and this is NOT how I pictured this to be.

The Oregon Coast is famous for its dramatic landscapes, we had heard so many beautiful stories.

But, within a couple of minutes…I was back to smiling and knew how fortunate we were, just to be here.



We have seen a lot of coastlines in our life, but the Pacific Northwest Coast has stolen our hearts.


Tarzan and Jane, learning how to do a selfie. Smile…


We had a couple of moments when the sun peaked through…Can you see the moss growing on the formations?


After walking against the wind for miles, we were ready for a great breakfast!

We heard that you don’t go to Cannon Beach, without a stop at The Lazy Susan Cafe!

Charming, charming, charming. The sunlight pours through the windows on the few clear days in Cannon Beach, and the whole little restaurant smells

of coffee. They have a cozy cafe-by-the-sea menu. I had their famous Marionberry Scone, among other items…oh, be still my heart!

Life is Short.

Take the Trip.

Bring the camera.

Eat the Scone!

Love, hearing all your lovely comments!

You guys are so wonderful.

Stay Blessed,


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55 thoughts on “Life Is Short. Take The Trip…

  1. Laurie, Thanks for the history lesson. I never heard of this place. You are amazing at how you capture the best images of every experience ….keep on making lemonade out of lemons!

  2. Nice photos. You went at a good time when the tide is low and you’re able to walk on the beach. The one time I went, the tide was high and the surf was wild. There was a storm offshore, but it was a blast walking in the elements.

  3. Happy to read your post this morning. Your photographic talent made the weather day look splendid! Love your shots. Oregon is also somewhere I hope to go one day. You and Matt look wonderful! If ever back in Florida…you know how to find me. Miss you.

    • So good to hear from you Bev! I know you would love Portland and the surrounding two hour circumference. They get a lot of rain, so everything is green and lush. Second, dogs everywhere!!! They are allowed in restaurants, bars, stores hardly with NO exceptions….incredible. If we get back, I will try and look you up.

  4. Oh Laurie what a beautiful day, so picturesque and perfect, thank you so much for sharing!! Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo

  5. We had a similar weather event when we visited the Twelve Apostles (limestone stacks off the coastline in the state of Victoria ~ a days drive south for us). We have some wonderful misty images, that we love.
    Love your selfie; you and Tarzan look sooooo happy!

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