People Come Into Our Lives…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

“I’ve heard it said That people come into our lives For a reason, Bringing something we must learn. And we are led to those Who help us most to grow, If we let them …

“It well may be That we will never meet again In this lifetime. So let me say before we part, So much of me is what I have learned from you.

“You’ll be with me, Like a handprint on my heart. Now whatever way our stories may end, I know you have rewritten mine.

“Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

Words are from a song in “Wicked”…LOVE THAT PLAY!

It is just amazing how the small things in life, can teach or reach to your soul!

I have been pondering these words off and on since I have seen this play a few months ago.

In life, sometimes we have this notion that when people enter our lifes, it has to be a forever situation or it is a failure. But just as with Glinda and Elphaba (the bad witch) in Wicked, sometimes they enter our life for a teaching moment and then they are gone. I am trying to learn this concept in my life and not to think of it as a loss, but thankful for the time they are with us.

How about you? Can you allow people to leave and take the positive teaching moment with you? Leave your comments below.

Happy Friday to You…enjoy the weekend!

15 thoughts on “People Come Into Our Lives…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. I have this book and I love it so much. I have not been fortunate enough to see the play yet 😦 I love this post. I agree that people come into our lives for great unknown reasons. It’s always good to have an open mind and an open heart when it comes to accepting life. Thanks for adding Wicked to my “must re-read” list!

  2. I think that’s a wonderful way to look at the people who pass through our lives…especially if they’re people who are difficult to deal with 🙂

  3. had the chance to see wicked in NY a year ago and looooved it. i think everyone who crosses our path in our life has a reason for being there, whether we or they are aware of it or not. kind of underlines the importance of “whatever good i can do, let me do it now for i may never pass this way again.” how wonderful for us to be blessed with the presence of others, whether they stay for a minute or a lifetime. 🙂

    thanks so much for liking my post and for taking the time to leave love. hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Laurie,
    How true. We never know how we have affected someone’s life, whether a short or long friendship, a one day encounter, etc. I always hope it’s positive. We need each other, good or bad. We are social beings. Thanks for your friendship.
    Love, Annie

    • It is amazing how years later you will hear how you have affected someone that you barely knew. One of the things I am learning as I get older is to TELL THEM how much they have meant to you. Thanks for sharing…

  5. I have a PERFECT example of how some people are meant to be in your life for a specific period of time….to teach, to share, to learn…..and then they’re gone! I truly enjoyed a particular span in my work experience when I had a female boss for 3 years. She was close to me in age, although SO different in family situations, likes, dislikes, positions on the organizational chart, etc. However, my years of working “with” her (and not “for” her, as she always reminded me) are 3 years I will never forget. One of her famous sayings was, “you will be more successful in life if you always remember to be ‘endearing’ to people!” I have never forgotten that and always try to live up to those few words. Thanks, Laurie, for reminded me of some of the more important things in life!

    • It takes a BIG person to be a boss and have that kinda of GREAT attitude!! Too bad ALL bosses can’t be more like her. It is a gift when God puts wonderful people in your path. Stay blessed!

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