Loving Me a Mason Jar…

Whiskey in a jar chocolate cake.
Source {Eclectic Recipes}

Banana Split Cake in a jar.
Source {Sprinkle with Flour}

Layered Cornbread and Turkey Salad in a Jar.
Source {Southern Living}

Chili & Cornbread in a jar.
Source {Givers Log}

Butter and Honey drizzled afterwards…oh I am salivating!!
Source {Givers Log}

White Chocolate Lemon Trifle Bars
Source {Paula Deen}

Now if a girl didn’t have to work full-time outside the home…sigh….
I could do this all day long!! I definitely have to start saving my jars!
Have you ever seen something so cute or what?!!

Which one is your favorite? I have to say mine is the chili with the cornbread, of course the honey and butter might of presuaded my decision:)
A lot of these and more are on my pinterest board called: Food for the Soul.

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4 thoughts on “Loving Me a Mason Jar…

  1. I love the chili and cornbread!!! What a great idea. I might try that one! Love the ribbon tied around it. Looks like a picnic in a jar.

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