I’m On Vacation Everyday…Ft. Myers, FL Photographer

You are probably wondering why the cute surfin clothes for little boys today?
Well I received a phone call last night sigh… that my grandchild is being dedicated in just a few weeks at their church in Ohio! I went into action immediately…I started surfin No pun attended:) the web and found all these adorable outfits that I would love to buy him for the celebration weekend! See I don’t want him ever to forget his Tropical Grammie. What do you think?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be on vacation everyday?
West Coast Babe Control Shirt.
Surfer Dude Shoes.

Fedora Hat for baby.My favorite out of them all…Tiny Tourists!
How adorable are all these outfits?
Which one do you like the best?
Of course, maybe if I buy these clothes…Mommy and Daddy will want to bring Little Man back to the tropics to see his Grammie!

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All these adorable outfits you can find at Old Navy!
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