4 Steps to Great Skin and Our Girls Trip!


It has taken me years to come up with the right formula for what works for mature skin to look its best!

But, I think I have finally found it.

4 products that are the mother lode to help you look your best.

The exfoliant, is so gentle and works like magic…best part…very inexpensive.
Click the image above to view the video…enjoy!


This weekend, I took a girls trip to Waco, Tx!

We wanted to visit Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Market with the old silos!

IT was just delightful my friends. You can even take the children if you so desire.

They have thought of everything to make everyone enjoy their visit.

Little Marisa went with us, and she had a lot of fun.

Wait to you see some of her pictures…adorable.

Next week, I am hoping to create a video of our trip. I think you will enjoy it.

Stay tune…

Let me know your thoughts on the video.

Blessings, Laurie

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20 thoughts on “4 Steps to Great Skin and Our Girls Trip!

  1. Thank you for the skin tips! I’m about half way through the vid, but gotta run, & will have to finish watching later. Your skin looks amazing. You look amazing!

  2. I wanted to take a side trip to Waco after our visit to Corpus Christi was over, but we had obligations in Phoenix and thus not enough time for the detour. It’s on my calendar for next year though. Look forward to seeing your video on Magnolia Market.

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