February Favorites and Marisa Turns TWO!!!


Hello Again,

How are YOU? Life seems to be going at such a fast speed, I feel like I am having a hard time keeping up!

The above image is the new video that just was uploaded today! Click on the image to view it.

I talk about my February Favorites and what to do with our flabby arms as Spring and Summer are nearly upon us.

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I have posted three videos since my last post here. I don’t want you to miss them!


On a personal note, Marisa celebrated her birthday this past weekend. IT was delightful!

Can you believe she is TWO?! A few images below to capture the fun.


We bought her a poolside wardrobe for the summer. First, a gorgeous coral bathing suit.

Look at her reaction! She loves fashion like her Grammie, already at two years old.


Matching sandals for the bathing suit. Checking it all out….


Of course, the coral sunglasses just HAD to be included right?!


The eyes light up for her FAVORITE part…blowing out the candles. She has a sweet tooth like nobody’s business.


I couldn’t leave without showing you, Little Man’s NEW haircut!

Is he a doll or what?! He is showing you his Ninja Warrior moves.

BTW…He has a new name now…NO NO.

Marisa, can’t pronounce Nolan, so she calls him NO NO.

She even has his own school calling him this now. Smile…

So, we all go around saying, Where is NO NO?

Have a delightful week my friend.


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27 thoughts on “February Favorites and Marisa Turns TWO!!!

  1. Oh, Laurie! I just can’t believe how big they are getting!! Your Little Man is getting to be a “Big Boy” (his words) like mine has. And, oh, how sweet is that little Marisa! Love getting to see them. I’ve said it a million times… being a grandmother is the best job EVER! Ha! Have a wonderful week, sweet friend! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  2. Time flies so fast seeing pictures of both Marisa and Little Man. Especially Little Man, he has grown up so much. From the picture, he looks tall. His new hair style makes him looks even older. Wow!

  3. Such sweet pix! Can’t believe how big the grands are getting. Love seeing what’s going on with all of them!

  4. Loved your video, Laurie; it got the ‘thumbs up’ from me.
    The sleevy wonders look fabulous. I have quite a few blouses I’d love to wear through the cooler months to the dance socials I go to. This little wonder will allow me to wear so many more pieces in my wardrobe over the coming months! 🙂
    Yes; No No is a little doll; a very handsome little doll; and Marisa is so sweet.. They grow way too fast.. 🙂

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