What January Brings…

january-haulHello Friends!!

How is winter treating you so far? Here in Texas, it has just been wonderful! We have been in the 60’s & 70’s and this girl couldn’t be anymore happier!

Since the last time I have posted, I have uploaded TWO videos on You-Tube.

The first one is talking about the great products, I bought in the last month for beauty, skin care, hair and lifestyle. (Which is such a fun category!) You will learn about my FAVORITE eye product, to keep those wrinkles at bay!

You will find this video by clicking on the image above.


The second one and starting to attract attention,  Part 2 of How I Lost Over 30# In Menopause.

I go into great detail and show you what is working. You will find tips on what to look for in the grocery store etc. I am blessed to have a daughter who is an Endocrinologist, so I can bring to you…what is really working!  Again, you can click on the image above.

Throughout the year, I will be uploading many more videos on healthy living ideas and to keep a spring in your step.


Our NEW granddaughter Noelle Faith, is just growing leaps and bounds. Look at her hair!!! She is 7 weeks old! Don’t you just want to give her a big kiss?!

I will leave you with this…

On a somber note, this week is the anniversary of our granddaughter, Olivia Mabel who resides in heaven! Her middle name is after MY grandmother, who was so precious to me. I know Nana, is taking good care of her!

Every year, we try to honor her memory.

This year,on the alter of our church on Sunday, will be a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

I miss you every day Olivia Mabel!

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29 thoughts on “What January Brings…

  1. Those are long eyelashes on your grandson. A relative said the same thing about me when I was 8-9 years old (that was long ago). Don’t worry, those eyelashes will even out and grammie will not have to be jealous, lol. 🙂

  2. Your Noelle is such precious, precious one! YES, makes me just want to swoop her up and sprinkle her with kisses. Grandbabies are beyond wonderful. Laurie I am so sorry for your loss of Olivia. I cannot even begin to imagine. My heart goes out to you, sweet friend. Prayers for comfort. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  3. You are so right, that you just want to kiss her cheeks. What a beautiful baby. And LOVE her name.
    My heart is heavy for your family…such an unimaginable loss on your other granddaughter,

  4. Hi, Laurie! Fab post! I just watched your January Haul video and enjoyed it tremendously. You look amazing! You’ve got some items there I just may have to try! I just ordered the Invisibobble Rings from Amazon for a dear friend of mind who has a birthday coming up and who still has long hair!. Sigh, I’m afraid I cut all my long locks off last year. Now, I just keep a chin length bob. It’s just so much easier for me. Just subscribed on YouTube so I should be more aware of your videos! Noelle Faith is so beautiful. Wishing you all the best and see you online! 😀

  5. How adorable! They do grow fast. We’re spending Jan and Feb along the TX Gulf Coast and the weather has been fabulous. I’m off to watch your latest video ….

  6. South Florida reporting in here and we are having a similar winter. Cool breezes, sunshine and moderate temps. I can see your granddaughter is growing up quickly – adorable child.

  7. She is totally adorable!! Her hair looks Ginger but I’m colorblind. I watched one of your videos a week or so back, so much information. 👍🏻❤

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