Sending You The Very Best Wishes…


Our precious NEW granddaughter has arrived!! Just in time for Christmas!

Let me introduce to you…Noelle Faith!

She is simply divine my friends.

I had 8 days with this precious soul, and I loved every minute of it.


Here, is Noelle’s family. Her big sister Ahnalise, with Mommy (our youngest daughter) and Daddy.

Let’s just say, Ahna was NOT in the mood for having her picture taken that day.

The problem…she wouldn’t take a nap. We all know what that spells…



But…it is precious to see Mommy’s and Daddy’s reaction.


Back home in Texas, I was able to shoot the oldest daughter’s family.

Little Man and Little Sis was in a pretty good mood that day.


The lemons are ready to be picked here in Texas! They are beautiful this year.

Mommy picked a lemon for her…this brought on the smiles.

Why do babies love to suck on lemons?

Little Man, had the same reaction 4 years ago.


Grammies Stud Muffin….


I have created TWO videos in YOU TUBE, since the last time I posted here.

The first one, Holiday Fashion On A Budget, Click HERE.

I shared where I like to shop when I am on a tight budget and a great scarf trick!

The second video, It’s A Girl…Best Of 2016, Click HERE.

I have shared some adorable photos of Noelle Faith and my favorite products of 2016!

You don’t want to miss it, my friends.

Give it a thumbs up and Subscribe…if you enjoyed it.

Sending you the very best wishes, for a joyful holiday season!!

Thank You for all your love and support this past year.

Merry Christmas,

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33 thoughts on “Sending You The Very Best Wishes…

  1. I swear I remember whenn Ahnalise was born! Time does fly and babies do grow.
    So happy for you and your beautiful family.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Oh. Laurie! You are blessed indeed!! Such a precious new member to your sweet family! And, the other two have grown so much! Love seeing your precious family and wish all the best for you and yours in 2017!! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Gorgeous pictures of beautiful families. Little Man and Little Sis and Ahnalise are growing up so fast. And congratulations on your newest grandchild. What a thrill and perfect name. Merry Christmas Laurie!

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