Fun Stocking Stuffers For The Women In Your Life…and a Special Announcement!


Hello My Friends!!

Can you believe we are in the holiday season already?

I used to hear my Grandma say this ALL the time.

Why is it, that as you get older, time flies by?

The snow is back on my website for the month of December. It always puts a smile on my face.

Well, the time is ALMOST HERE! In a week or so, I should be a NEW grandma again!

I plan to fly up north to be here for this special event. I will MIA here for awhile.

Can you tell HOW excited I am for this special occasion?

Is it a boy or a girl? We don’t know!

All I do know is…a precious newborn is going to be in Grammies arms again…sigh.


While, I am waiting for this bundle of joy…I put together a video on some adorable stocking stuffer ideas for the women in your life.

If you enjoyed the video, Please copy/paste the link and pass it on to your friends. Spread the joy!

Click on the image…it will take you to the video.


May the spirit of the holidays, stay merry in your HEART.

Don’t let the stress, overcome….Be Blessed.


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