Be In Love With Your Life…


Have you heard of the saying…

Be in love with your life, Every minute of it? ~ Jack Kerouac

I believe when you attain a certain age, things just become a little clearer.

Why, we can’t have this clarity at youth is beyond me!

What I do know, life is now too short NOT to be happy.

In the photo above, we are at the Medina River in Bandera, Texas. Hill Country.

Tarzan loves him, some outdoors…here fishy, fishy…HE has a ONE TRACK mind.


Another gentleman, we saw that has found some serenity in life. (Tarzan, was very jealous.)



After Medina, we headed to Kerrville, Texas and stayed at the Inn of the Hills Hotel & Conference Center.

We wanted a place to play games and have a few drinks outdoors, and this was the perfect spot.


We had a great time playing the game, Ticket To Ride and sipping on Vino at this adorable patio.

But, then came the storm…or so they thought.

Everybody was kicked out of the pool area, because of a pending storm approaching.

We don’t let a little rain deter us…

I told Tarzan, lets go for a walk. I don’t want to be holed up in a dark hotel room.


We went behind the hotel and started walking down the street, not a clue where we were headed.

After a few blocks, we see this little sign that says, “1011 Bistro.”

It was right in front of a wooded pathway.

I looked at Tarzan and said, “Do you want to see where this leads?” “Sure!”

We walked down the path, and THIS opens up to us!!

Holy Moses….

We literally couldn’t believe our good fortune to find this.


The rains never came, and I looked at my husband and said, “You Just Have To Love Life!”


On a side note…Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the love and sincere comments on my last blog post.

I read every comment, even if I can’tย respond back…I want you to know, It means the world to me!


Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.


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21 thoughts on “Be In Love With Your Life…

  1. and that is the benefit of exploring your way through life.
    You just never know what unexpected delights you will find.
    Keep on enjoying and loving life, Laurie!

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