Everything Is On Sale…BUT One!


A while back, our daughter sent this picture titled, “Everything was on sale but one item!” Smile…

Is she just precious or what?!

Miss Ahna’s mommy (our youngest daughter) is a BARGAIN SHOPPER!

She finds the best deals always! She is just crazy good that way!

The family is all about organic, which we all know is not cheap nowadays.

So, to see these prices…I was astounded.

I then went to the same grocery store, but here in Texas…the prices weren’t anywhere near this. Sigh…

See…she just has the golden touch.

2016-04-24 12.51.03-2

Her first blueberry smoothie! Oh, girlfriend…I love you!

Are those eyes…just GORGEOUS or what?

We have BIG NEWS…she is going to have a baby brother or sister at the end of the year…GOD WILLING!!!

Will you keep them in your prayers?

I hope todays post, brought a smile to your face.

We can never have to much joy in our life.



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27 thoughts on “Everything Is On Sale…BUT One!

  1. Those eyes! One could drown in them!
    Congratulations on the newest grandchild to be!
    Laurie, how many grandchildren will that be, once the new one arrives? Four? Of course, never forgetting Olivia.
    My sister lost a child as well, and 25 years later, we still remember him as a member of our family.

  2. I love bargain shopping too. It’s thrilling. I just hope your daughter can use all of that before it expires! And yes, your granddaughter’s eyes are incredible. (And I hope blueberry smoothie doesn’t stain! I didn’t see any laundry detergent in that grocery pile.) 🙂

  3. Definitely a big smile! She is gorgeous! And her mom reminds me of my DIL who is a gifted bargain shopper as well. Not me…sigh here as well 🙂

  4. Oh yes we can all use more and more joy!!! Such exciting news. Will definitely keep new baby and mom in my prayers. My goodness those baby blues are stunning. You have the most gorgeous grandbabies.

  5. Smiling at the blueberry face and how precious she is. I also love those eyes. Looks like great deals on the food. Congratulations on hopefully a new member to your family, Laurie!

  6. What a sweetie …. and a good spokesperson for the blueberry smoothie! Those blue eyes seem to be a family trait!

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