iPhonegraphy Is Incredible…


Hello Friends! How is everything in your part of the world?

Today, I wanted to share with you, a few of my creations I have added to our Pride In Photos Instagram Account.

So many of you have expressed to me, your fear of not understanding how to follow someone here.

Can I tell you, IT IS SO SIMPLE! You just give them your name and a few basics, you don’t even have to

upload your personal image. You never have to add photos to your account, if you don’t want to.

Many people, just create an account, so they can follow others.

BELIEVE ME…IT IS WORTH IT. The beauty and creativity here is amazing.

Talented, talented people…who bring so much joy with their work.

But I warn you…IT IS ADDICTING!

The image above, is the San Antonio Post Office. You can see it is a very old building, hence my need to grunge it up a little.


Tarzan and I took a beautiful walk along the Buffalo Bayou Park. This high-rise stood alone and she is a beauty!

The blues were just flowing, so I capitalize on its strengths.


On our visit to Indiana, we were taking a stroll and came upon this unique butterfly hanging on an old brick building.

Butterflies are so colorful and have a lot of variations, so I wanted to emphasize this.


We were having brunch at this adorable cafe on a Sunday morning, and noticed this couple with the red iconic phone booth in front of them.

I jumped up pretty fast, scared Tarzan…smile…and off I was to capture this moment.

Just to make sure, the meaning wasn’t lost on some…I added some love to it.


Last, but not least…this image needed more depth. So I merged two photos into one, giving it a more 3 D effect.

“Finding Photography…It’s like a life raft…for the stormy sea of life!”

What would you say, Is YOUR life raft?

We hope you will join us here in this creative world of beauty. Click on the button below.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!




21 thoughts on “iPhonegraphy Is Incredible…

  1. Sorry, don’t have much luck with Instagram – both of my daughters have tried to explain it, but the info doesn’t “stick” to my brain! But I love your first pillars of the post office here:)

  2. Great creations, Laurie! I have not taken many photos with my iPhone, apart from my latest trip where I didn’t want to carry my camera gear. These photos are beautiful… and encourage me to try 🙂

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