Well, the time has arrived…Little Miss Turned One Year Old…sigh.

Her mommy, made this adorable one year old banner.


Unfortunately, she has the families gene of a MAJOR sweet tooth…we literally heard moans!


You can see her saying, MMMMMM………


Learning to be silly…it doesn’t take long does it?


I think she lovedΒ turning one!…I can’t say the same for her Grammie!

I am already missing our cuddle times in bed…when she would lay still and just coo at me…smile.

Nowadays, we have to be on the go, every moment…no rest for the weary!

She spends part of her day, chasing around our furry friend…Dalton.

He is learning to be quick on his feet…smile.

What a year it has been for her and I.

The time hereΒ will be treasured forever.

Just 3 more months are left…tick, tock.

PS…thank you for every lovable comment, you have left here in the last couple of weeks.

Our family has enjoyed them immensely!



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37 thoughts on “I AM ONE!…

  1. LOOK AT THOSE EYES:) shes so adorable. just had my Daughters baby shower, we will be g’parents for the first time next month, we are so excited, and seeing this little one only adds to my excitement Laurie πŸ™‚

  2. What fabulous photos and memories. My granddaughter’s first birthday was a ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ celebration. It seems like yesterday – to me. Today, she is a tall, slender, beautiful 15. The years fly. Grab every cuddle you can. πŸ™‚

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