I Haven’t Been Everywhere…


I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. ~ Susan Sontag

During the week of New Years, we had a bit of wanderlust. We ventured to San Antonio, Texas!

We had heard so many things about this colorful city and we had to check it out for ourselves.

The place that impressed me the most, was the Riverwalk.

What a romantic and charming setting to take in during the holidays!


Robert. H.H. Hugman understood the important role the river had played in the city’s history.

He is acknowledged as the “Father” of the River Walk, today recognized as a masterpiece of urban design.

Interestingly, the project met with criticism as construction progressed and was finished under the supervision

of another architect, J. Fred Buenz.Β (This I can’t imagine, given the beauty and unique idea, he had.)


You can see above, why visiting during the holidays, is especially a treat. ADORABLE!!


You can’t come to San Antonio, without seeing lush, beautiful Margarita’s!

Of course, my favorite flavor…Mango, just delightful. Sip anyone?


Beautification of the San Antonio River in the downtown area was a LONGTIME dream of local residents.

The banks were landscaped beginning in 1904, only to be devoted by floods in 1913 and 1921.

After a flood retention dam was completed north of downtown in 1926, plans were made for comprehensive river

improvements. This is where architect Mr. Hugman stepped in. He presented the mayor with his vision to transform

the meandering waterway with Spanish-inspired stone stairs and walkways, arched bridges and river-level shops and

restaurants. GOD BLESS YOU Robert Hugman!



The restaurants abound!! I am not kidding, Tarzan and I probably put on 5 pounds while we were there. Sigh.


You can’t come to San Antonio, without visiting the Alamo!

Thank God, for the brave men who fought for our state of Texas.


We finished the trip, with a visit to Historic Market Square. You could say, the colorful banners led us in. Smile…

Since the 1820, this has been a place to explore over 100 locally owned shops in a festive mall filled with handcrafted gifts.

Our last stop in the market was Fiesta Winery! This was very enjoyable! We tried 6 different tastings with a souvenir

glass for only $11.00. They used a graphic designer for their wine labels…go check them out here.

It was a great way to end our adventure to San Antonio.


This week, is our 4th Anniversary for Pride in Photos Photography!

Can we ask you a favor??

We would love for YOUΒ to spread the word to a friend or family member who would receive inspiration here,

either through our adventures or just being a grandparent and the joys that brings.


2016…Make it the best one yet.

ps…The are more photos of our trip on Instagram, if you would like to follow us here.

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48 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been Everywhere…

  1. I’m so glad I found time to come check out all of the photos, having seen a couple on Instagram.
    Thanks for including the history of the Riverwalk. I am not at all surprised that initially there was controversy. Some people just do not have the vision and cannot get on board.
    The same thing happened when we built our Riverway bikeway / walkway. Folks complained about taxes, flooding, maintenance … and of course, years later, it is one of the best things about our little city.
    I look forward to visiting some day!

  2. Oh Laurie, what fantastic photos. When we start traveling, this place is on our list!!! It has been in the wheel house for a while now. I’ve never heard anything bad about it. And now I can see why. I’d be in photog heaven πŸ˜‰ and well we won’t get into how much weight I gain;))).
    Something weird.. I sometimes get your blog on fb… But ..not always;( very strange.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing.. And..HNY

  3. Wonderful photos that bring back so many memories. While living in Kansas, we visited this beautiful city several times when our daughter was growing up and we always came away with a smile on our face a rolls of film. It truly is a beautiful place and your photographs do it justice. πŸ™‚

  4. Looks gorgeous! A big hug to Mr. Hugman. And yes, I’ll have a sip of that πŸ™‚ thanks for those great pictures. Wish you and all yours a wonderful 2016 !

  5. Oh San Antonio is one place I would love to visit. You have certainly showed off it’s beauty with your photos. Beautiful!!

  6. What a colourful place Laurie! I can see you had lots of fun there. Thanks for letting me see the beauty through your eyes with your amazing photos. πŸ˜€ β™₯

  7. Love the pictures it makes me want to go right now. The river walk and the Alamo are our two favorite places in San Antonio but there is so much to see up the road from there. Texas State College Campus is breathtaking our daughter went there. When they would be stressed out from finals they floated the river right there on campus. They would study under 50-year-old oak trees it is truly an amazing campus. Texas has so much to offer but it is like you need little weekends in different areas to be able to take it all in.

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