Grandpa’s Fishing Buddy…


First, thing on Saturday morning…Papaw took his fishing buddy to the lake.

It had been a VERY long time…since they had fished together. Sad, how time gets away from you.

He was only 3 years old, the last time and he couldn’t cast with his fishing rod.

This time, it will be a different story.

The shirt we bought him is adorable isn’t it?!


We didn’t have to go far, the lake is behind his home! It is gorgeous. He loves the pier.


Here, Papaw is giving him instructions on how to cast.

It is not as easy as it looks. There is some coordination, with casting the rod and then releasing the button at the exact moment.



After a couple of attempts, the line gets tangled. Papaw comes to the rescue.


Now, look at this determination! His face…tells it all.


The cast went across the lake!! He made it!!

I am on the side lines jumping up and down, yelling…”Way to go!”

You can see, he is pretty proud of himself!

He is used to his crazy Grammie.


“Oh, yea! I think I got this now!”

I hope this poem speaks to all the grandparents like it did for us.

A Little Bit of Paradise…By Billy Campbell

There’s nothing like a Sunday,ย Fishing at the lake,

Time spent with grandkids,ย The best company to take.

They might not be biting, but we don’t care,

As long as we’re together, We’re happy being there.

Laughter and smiles, Under a clear blue sky,

A treasure undeserved, So I don’t ask why.

Building special bonds, A thousand questions asked,

All of life’s problems, are temporarily masked.

Looking to us for guidance, Taking our words to heart

Living in a moment, each having a special part.

The wonder of their innocence, shines within their eyes,

Giving us the reasons, for continuing to try.

A few words of truth, in this poetic tale, Gotta go for now,

The boys have hooked a whale!

May you feel “HIS” peace during the holidays.


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25 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Fishing Buddy…

  1. The sweetest and most adorable shots of this little cutie Laurie! They do grow so fast and I can see he had lots of fun fishing with his grandpaw and of course, you had the most fun taking these gorgeous shots of them. ๐Ÿ˜€ โ™ฅ

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