Keeping Austin Weird!…Our Trip Continues.


We are going to continue our Austin travels today.

After we visited the State Capital…if you missed this post…click here.

We ventured into downtown Austin…”Keeping It Weird”…is the PERFECT word to describe this city.

There just isn’t anything quite like it.


Here, I did fall for the Austin Weirdness…and bought some T-Shirts etc. Even one for the babies.




This is just hilarious! I had my family stop right under the Tattoo signs.

If you know my family…you would know how silly this image is.


After strolling downtown area, we found this quaint Beer Garden! The weather was perfect for an outdoor setting!

We had a great time just being together. Look at Miss Ahna, she can’t sit still for one moment!


I forgot to show you this adorable pic of Little Man, while we were at the State Capital Building.

Too cute, to let it pass by.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.36.27 AM

We hit a nice milestone friends…Pride in Photos has done 500 posts, since we started this journey!

Can you believe, that some of you have read 500 posts? Thank you, to my old and new friends who have stayed the course…

God Bless YOU!

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