I Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself!…


We have a touchy feely one in the family….

I had to show you these adorable images of the cousins playing together.

Marisa, (on the right) CAN’T keep her hands off of Ahnalise!


“Oh, I like her hair!”…

Marisa, if you recall is the baby…I am a full time nanny for.

The funny thing is, Marisa’s parents are more on the introverted side of the coin.

Ahna’s parents fall on the extroverted side…always the life at the parties!

But, the children are the exact opposite!


More touching…


“I better hang on to her, she might get away!”…

When I tell this story to my girlfriends, they all say…”Well, Marisa is taking after YOUR personality!”

You are with her all the time!

This might be true…I take after my grandma…who was so full of life and sass.



Annalise, must not mind too much…she kept coming back for more…smile.

Aren’t these two…”Cute As Christmas Cupcakes?”

As a grandma, one of my prayers for my grandchildren…”To find the JOY of life, and NOT let making a paycheck only

and/or security determine your destiny!”

This was how I was raised and maybe many of you were to?

But, we always hope for a better life for the next generation. More wisdom…Lord, hear our prayer!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.56.13 AM

Insert from…That Kind of Woman

May the “Merry” in Merry Christmas live in your heart this holiday!


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37 thoughts on “I Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself!…

  1. They are just too sweet, what a blessed grandma you are! I love your thoughts on security. That’s blessing my soul right now. 2015 has been so hard, but I love your words about insecurity being the cataylst for growth,so to speak.

  2. “Beautiful” on Marissa’s shirt tells it all. It is indeed that. There’s nothing more special on earth than a child—yet they are totally dependent on parents (or nannies, my daughter was in in Connecticut) to provide everything for them, especially in their first six years or so, where they are nothing but sponges, living in theta brain waves 24/7, soaking up whatever comes their way. Theta is where you learn stuff with no prejudgments—everything is real in theta, no matter how silly they may seem to adults.

  3. Speaking from experience they will be the best of friends. My two who are a week apart can’t help but always hug each other. Although one is more clingy to the other. There will always be one. But it is so wonderful to watch that it does not change with time but only gets stronger! Cuzzys forever! 🙂

  4. What cuties! How heartwarming to see their very different personalities develop at this early age! Very appropriate quote as well. May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and healthy and happy new year!

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