The Littlest Jockey In Texas…


Little Man turned “FOUR” this past week! Say it isn’t so…sigh.

We are definitely losing our baby.

But, the GOOD news is…Aunt Ash & Uncle Luke surprised him with a riding lesson for his birthday!

All week, he was told a very big surprise is waiting for you on your birthday!


His riding instructor is telling him, “You have to rub him down and clean his hoofs first!”

Look at his face….


Oh yes, “I am going to enjoy this very much!”


She allows him to help lead the horse to the corral. All smiles aboard.


We have to stop and pose with the horse…a little camera shy at this point.


We are getting instructions on how to steer him. We are listening very intently.



One of the final items was learning how to ride backwards…he thought this was a riot.

I saw more smiles during this trick, than all the others.

Doesn’t he make the cutest Little Jockey in Texas?

On a serious note…Continue to Pray for Paris…

Stay Blessed,


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29 thoughts on “The Littlest Jockey In Texas…

  1. Isn’t it amazing how fast they grow up? What a wonderful birthday present! The backwards writing shot is too funny.
    He may be 4 years old and growing up, but he sure is precious

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