The Knight with His Princess and Snow White Join Forces….


“A portrait, no matter how objective we try to be, is a photograph of the encounter between the photographer and the subject. An awkward encounter will likely result in awkward photographs, while an encounter that puts the subject at ease will increase the chance of creating portraits that reveal something genuine about the subject.”
-David DuChemin

Can I tell you what a delight it is to be in the presence of our both granddaughter’s FIRST Halloween?

And knowing this moment will never happen again…

Snow White won’t sit still for one minute, so I felt very blessed to be able to capture this moment with her!

What a doll baby!


I mean seriously, Little Miss couldn’t play the Princess role any more perfectly!


Ahnalise is a perfect Snow White….BTW…look at the bracelet Grammie bought her.


When the Princess smiles…everyone smiles!


Here, our gallant knight is joining the fun!

The fun just started for Little Man…but unfortunately we are losing the girls.

Look at their faces…so tired…it was their bedtime.


But, when the knight went into action…Snow White was delighted.


We are off to trick or treat…would you like to guess how many houses they made it to?

Only a few…smile.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall season.








36 thoughts on “The Knight with His Princess and Snow White Join Forces….

  1. What beautiful little treasures your grandchildren are – lovely pictures and so nice you got to enjoy the fun with them. 🙂 Found you through Grand Social.

  2. Absolutely loved these! What beautiful children! And such cute costumes! It’s always a blessing to be present at a grandchild’s “first” for anything!

  3. Those are absolutely so precious. I miss having little ones around. Beautiful photos as usual, and those grandlittlekins are so beautiful and little man is growing like a week and oh so handsome. Made a great knight. 🙂

  4. AWESOME PICS, Laurie! How blessed to have them all together! The determined look of The Knight, the dimpled Princess, the smiling Snow White … how precious!

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