Oktoberfest 2015…Benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters!


Our daughter Ashley (in the middle) and son-in-law Luke hosted a wonderful fall Oktoberfest, that benefitted Big Brothers and Big Sisters!

Ashley has been a “Big Sister” for the last five years up in Indiana. We are very proud of her involvement in this endeavor.

Not only, did they throw a FABULOUS party…but a wonderful organization benefitted greatly from their generosity!!






Ashley and Luke’s daughter, Ahnalise…our granddaughter.


Here we are, finally together…Grammie and Ahna! Look at the resemblance.


Ahna was blessed to have her other Grandma here too…Grandma Sara.




The German Polka band was so fun!



The sunset even displayed its glory for us.


The bonfire was a huge hit at the end of the evening!

The temperature dropped 20 degrees from the start of the party! Burr…


The souvenir beer steins you took home, when you made a donation to Big Brothers and Big Sisters!

You always hope and pray your children will grow up…to be fine human beings.


This VIDEO reminds me of my children…it is BEAUTIFUL! Do yourself a favor and watch it.





20 thoughts on “Oktoberfest 2015…Benefitting Big Brothers and Big Sisters!

  1. Lovely photos again Laurie, I’ve been known to enjoy an Oktoberfest now and then. So many happy, smiling faces too. 🙂 I watched the video, I’ve seen it before but it’s so emotionally charged. Weren’t the two little ones cute when they walked out to put money in the hat?

  2. I want to be apart of your family! How fun! Love all the traditional german clothing! My mother-in-law is on the hunt for dresses for my girls! Just got back from Oktoberfest in Germany and it was so much fun!

  3. The first photo – Three beautiful ladies. As a parent, it doesn’t get much better than to see what upstanding adults our children have turned into. And Ahna, too cute for words. Love the dirndls. Wherever did those T-shirts come from? Sounds like a fabulous time and great fundraiser.

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