Having Fun With Little Miss…


Well, she is becoming Grammies Girl! She LOVES her Grammie to pieces…and I couldn’t be more happier!

It is so fun to show the everyday things, just embracing reality!

Nothing speaks more of the heart with photos, than lifestyle photography.


Look at this child’s expression!…it makes me laugh every time I see it!!

You wouldn’t capture this fabulous shot, if you were trying to pose her.



As you look at this image, you can see she is staring at something so attentive!

Grammie just helped the image along. Creating art with photography is a passion of mine.

When I was developing this design, I was thinking this could be fabulous in her bedroom, right?

On a side note, I took her into a store this week. I propped up her car seat into a seating position in the shopping cart, so she could really see. It made her SOO happy! She started squealing, cooing, gurgling and all kinds of unfamiliar sounds! This went on for five minutes. It was VERY loud! Everyone in the store just stopped!  I just put up my hands up in the air and said, “She just found her voice!” They all laughed. We get into the car and I say, “Little Miss, you have to find your voice for the first time in public?” She just smiles.

Have a great week my friends!


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50 thoughts on “Having Fun With Little Miss…

  1. Now those eyelashes…Gorgeous shots and a lovely Little Miss! Finding out new things – her voice this time – isn’t that just right when you have a great audience?

  2. Oh Laurie, what a sweetheart she is and what a proud Grandmother you are!

    She’s adorable. May you have many years of fun and great memories together.

    Hugs from Oz, Paula xxx

  3. What adorable photos of your grand baby! I love the one where she is looking off the side! So very cute! Little photo ham! Hugz always, Lisa and Bear

  4. Laurie, I sure enjoyed the pictures of Marisa. She is precious and could be the Gerber Baby. We sure enjoyed the pinochle and look forward to September. Call me if you need some help with the children on the two days that you are doubling up. Have a great week!



  5. OMG! She is really becoming a little lady; I love the hair. Cherish these moments of bonding as they will last forever. Her Grammy will always be special in her life. Luv you.

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