Big Dogs and Flight…


Well, they say they do everything BIG here in Texas! I guess that includes the dogs…smile.

This large scale art exhibit is called “The Big Dog Show & Flight” by renowned artist and metal sculptor Dale Rogers.


The Big Dog Show is a traveling public art exhibit that consists of twenty 8 foot high by 10 foot long Cor-Ten steel American Dog Sculptures.


Dale says, “I created this traveling exhibit in 2009 because I strongly believe that public exposure to art is a critical component to the health of our communities. Art is a catalyst for thought conversation and connection.”




Well, most of you know…I adore furry friends big and small!

We only have these wonderful creatures for another 10 days, then they get to fascinate another community somewhere else in the United States.

I hope you enjoyed the dog show.


18 thoughts on “Big Dogs and Flight…

  1. Those dogs are doing it up big and make for a great exhibit. One of the things I really like about the Houston area is the outdoor art. Where is this particular exhibit?

  2. A friend posted one picture of these dogs and I thought they were great. Not sure where they were then. Glad you got to see them and share so many photos. Houston always has some great art going on! Lucky you! Have a good week!

  3. These dogs really look for all the world as those tails are in wag mode ! I can well imagine that this kind of Art Sculpture installation would encourage impromptu conversation and smiles all round ๐Ÿ™‚

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