A Blessed Easter Enjoyed…


We had a blessed Easter this year! Very delightful and full of blessings.

So hard to imagine, that we have another new member in this family! It was over 3 years just with Little Man, so now when I hold the camera up to take a picture, I am still in awe to see another life has joined us.

Little Sis was just fed, this far away distant look is called, “Milk Coma.”


Little Man is so proud of his new animals he received this week for Easter! He had to show Grammie how he can build a tower with them.


Both of my daughters are SO creative, Stephanie can really get divine with her cooking skills when she has the time! Look at these adorable salads she created! The little one in front is for Little Man of course.


Little Man couldn’t wait to show us his Easter cake he helped to create. He said, “Grammie, there is strawberries inside!” with such a devilish grin.


Of course, our Little Sis enjoying Mommy and Me time.


Little Sis, is really coming into her own now! We are seeing some personality coming through.

Did you have a wonderful Easter?



39 thoughts on “A Blessed Easter Enjoyed…

  1. Laurie, these images are so lovely! The joy in your family is palpable and I’m so happy for all of you!
    Happy Belated Easter (I’m just visiting blogs today after almost 2 weeks away!)

  2. Beautiful family photographs for the *album Laurie . Little man is growing up fast too ! Easter Blessings all round x

  3. Looks like a wonderfully blessed Easter! A precious little one – two – and the food looks delicious. I wish you all a lovely Spring!

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