The Gift Has Arrived…


Well, The Gift has arrived my friends! Her name is Marisa Renee. Renee after her mothers middle name, which is appropriate since Little Man has his daddy’s middle name too.

We did this maternity photo shoot just a couple of days, before she was to give birth.

I couldn’t let these precious images not be posted, they turned out beautiful! She didn’t want me to post them, until AFTER the baby came and she had the chance to surprise the family with the name!

Which I don’t blame her. Everyone always wants to surprise the family with all the details of the birth, right?!


But as a photographer, I couldn’t just jump straight into the hospital images, without letting you view these first hand.


She was a perfect model and pregnant mommy, wouldn’t you say? Lovely, lovely!!


It makes it even more fun, when you know the date of the birth and can do some creative ideas.

I had such a wonderful time with her taking these images…it was serene for me.

Marisa Renee will be in the next post…I promise!! It will be worth the wait.

PS…you will see Little Mans reaction to “Little Sis.”


40 thoughts on “The Gift Has Arrived…

  1. Beautiful and congratulations once again grandma – I know everyone is over the roof excited, tired and feeling wonderful – can’t wait for the new pics.

  2. Beautiful photos of mom and her little bun in the oven! I love the scrabble tiles too! Congrats and Hugz to you and your wonderful family!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  3. Great news, Laurie! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see little Marisa, and Little Ma’s reaction to her arrival. My granddaughter (now 4) was so delighted to see her little sister last May!

  4. Congratulations to the parents and all the family on the new baby girl. She’s so pretty and love the idea for your photo shoot. Great memories some day for Marisa, and she has a lovely name. Your daughter’s tummy looks amazing for someone about to have a baby. I could never have done a photo like that with my balloon belly and the marks with even my first child (my tummy just wasn’t that forgiving and elastic) but then I always tell the hubby he caused those love marks…haha :). Looking forward to pictures of the new littlekins…

  5. Congratulations on the “Gift”. Love the creative way you took the pictures with scrabble tiles. Beautiful and Serene ❀ Looking forward to the baby pics and little mans reaction.

  6. Beautiful. I don’t know if you know that Marisa is short for Maria Luisa. That was the name I had picked for Claudia, but when I got her, she had already been named claudia and since she was 10 months old, I didn’t want to change it

    Maritere Sent from my iPhone


  7. Congratulations on the most precious Gift to you&your family, Laurie! The photos are beautiful…so serene and full of love…very special, and I am sure they were a lovely surprise to the family. πŸ™‚

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