Bayou Art Festival…


There is nothing like taking a stroll through an art festival!!

It makes my heart race…as I walk through the booths and my eye sees all kinds of wonder.

The talent of some of these artists is just amazing.

I even bought my FIRST piece of Texas art!

We will get to that in a minute.


One of the things that intrigues me most, is being able to watch them create their art right before your eyes.

There were several chalk artists on hand, they had several photos to pick from to create for the crowds.


I had all good intentions to take these photos, then come back at the end of the day to capture the finished product.

Just as we were done with our shopping, we started to head back to see what all they had created and the sky opened up and the downpour began…sigh!

Isn’t that just the way?!



So these images will have to do. Can you tell what he is creating?…A Smurf!

My girls LOVED the Smurfs, when they were growing up. How about yours?


This is the photo I couldn’t wait to show you.

Here, where we found a jewel for our home.

Can you see it? I attached an arrow to the aqua glass art so you could tell what one I bought.

I am just in love with it!!!

The only thing is, I wished I would of taken photos of the inside and the back of the booth, there was so many
intricate and gorgeous pieces of art…it was very hard to make a decision.

And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as Tarzan and myself found this booth, so did half of Texas…smile. So you couldn’t wait to long to make your selection…everybody went crazy and was grabbing their pieces.

I waited awhile for the crowd to disperse, to take this picture so you could see at least some of the creations.

Finding something unique for your home is just the best!

Have you had a similar experience?

Have a great week my friends.


29 thoughts on “Bayou Art Festival…

  1. Love your glass art purchase, Laurie!! I take it you are loving your new home. =) I fell off blogging most of last year! Arghh… I am still not QUITE adjusted to our move. πŸ˜‰ But, starting to feel a bit more settled. SO GLAD to have reconnected with you. You are one lucky lady to be closer to your loves. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  2. Lovely captures Laura! Congratulations on securing your art piece before it could be snatched by someone else. I love art shows too – all that talent shared within the community is energizing πŸ™‚

  3. This is what you get for being a famous blogger and trend setter… half of Texas is watching to see what you are going to buy… you have to be careful from now on! The artwork you purchased does look unusual… I bet it will be a conversation piece in your home.

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