Wishing You A Merry Christmas…


Here is our Christmas Card Photo for 2014.

This has been such an amazing year for us.

Moving to a new state and starting life over has been amazing!

Thank you for being here for us and sharing our adventure.

To all of our new friends….a big thank you for taking us in.

For all of our long time friends and family…we miss you!

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Tarzan & Jane





56 thoughts on “Wishing You A Merry Christmas…

  1. Tarzan and Jane looked good! And happy, too. So glad for all of the goodness in your lives this year. Merry Christmas and lots of joy in 2015!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too. Great picture, and hope your 2015 continues to be amazing and even more wonderful. πŸ™‚ Look forward to enjoying your blog in the coming year. πŸ™‚

  3. Happy Christmas and joy over the festive holidays to you and your family Laurie . Such an exciting year it’s been and so much to look forward to in 2015 !

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