What Is It Like Going To Your First Musical?


We have met so many wonderful friends down here in Texas! Two of them put their heads together and decided it would be great to have “Little Man” go to his FIRST broadway musical.

Thank you, Miss Kaye & Miss Faye!

How wonderful is this? Three years old and seeing his first play, “Seussical the Musical” by Dr. Seuss of course.

Before we walked into the auditorium, we found this adorable winterย scene that Little Manย had to check out.


We arrived very early to capture great seats up in the front for him. He is so little, I wanted to make sure he was going to be able to see the musical.

Of course, he gives Grammie this “I am too cool look” when she wants a picture before the show starts.


The start of the show…


Oh, but the reaction is just a little different now…the show has started!

He looks at his Mommy to tell her, this is pretty great.




This is so exciting…



The encore…

Do you remember your first musical?

I was in my twenties, before I saw mine!! Times have changed haven’t they?

We hope your holiday preparations are going fantastic.

Remember to ENJOY the season, it will be gone before you know it.


38 thoughts on “What Is It Like Going To Your First Musical?

  1. Hmmm … I don’t remember my first musical (probably something at school when I was in HS) but I do remember my first movie (Sound of Music, in a drive in).
    Little Man looks like he loved it!! Laurie, I love your photos … I wish I could take people shots like you!

  2. He is adorable! It is wonderful that you are starting him out early. Growing up in a small town I did not see many musicals. Today we try to support local theater. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to see “Oliver” at the local Harbor Playhouse. You are right – the season will be gone too quickly! Today I made fudge and cranberry muffins. Enjoy the season and your Little Man!

  3. Great memories for him! My granddaughter was also three when she saw her first one…I took pictures too and the excitement was showing during the show, just like on Little Man’s face. And I was in my mid 20s too when I saw my first broadway musical in London.

  4. This looks like a ton of fun, nice that something is geared towards children. My first introduction to musicals was the English “pantomime.” Don’t know if it’s still as popular these days but it was a holiday tradition with a mish mash of songs, slapstick, silly costumes, topical humor… kind of a pre-Monty Python family entertainment loosely based on a fairy tale or children’s story… Well, you had to be there!

  5. Laurie, just adorable!!! It is so special when you watch something through a child’s eyes. We are in Va. tonight after driving15 hrs. We will be in NJ tomorrow for Christmas. Can’t wait to see everybody. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love, Annie Sent from my iPad

  6. It’s great fun, exciting and you made a lovely picture story out of it, Laurie. Thanks for taking us all along on this special day.
    Big *hug* for the Little handsome Man.
    Dina xo

  7. I’m a big believer in exposing children to arts of all kinds at an early age. You never know how exactly it feeds their imagination but it does. And you can see the delight on his face. It makes me so happy. Great post. Dr. Seuss was my first book and I’ve now seen so many musicals I can’t remmeber which was my first. I think it was Oliver.

  8. So cute! What an awesome experience for ALL of you! Since we lived in NJ, it was pretty convenient to zip over and see a broadway show from time to time so I was lucky and saw many …. can’t beat a LIVE performance!

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