My FIRST Fishing Experience…


Papa told Little Man, he was going to teach him how to fish. So we bought him his first fishing pole for his birthday a few weeks back.

Can I tell you how excited he was to go fishing with Papa?

Of course, it didn’t hurt that he had the cutest fishing pole ever…a superman hero rod!


Learning how to cast…


And how to reel the line in…


Finally, his first cast of his own!

He found out letting go of the release at the perfect time was NOT easy.


Well, if you can’t get it to reel in…just pull it in. smile.


Looking like a little pro.


Look Papa, there is a fish under the pier!


After seeing Papa do the Texas crawl position, he thought he would try it. Monkey see…monkey do!

Can I tell you how hard we laughed?


Well, they caught him!

His first fish!

I hope he never forgets this great experience he had with his Papa.

This will be burned in my memory forever!

At this moment, I guess you know what I am grateful for.

Friends and family…may you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

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This wiII be a totally a different style of my work.



35 thoughts on “My FIRST Fishing Experience…

  1. Laurie, he is concentrating so hard his little tongue is sticking out! Precious beyond measure! Happy, happy thanksgiving to you and your sweet family!

  2. Little Man has an incredible focus, you can tell he was serious about fishing. 🙂 What a precious time he spent with his dad. And, he captured a big fish! These are great photos. Thank you for sharing! Happy Thanksgiving :).

  3. It’s so wonderful catching ‘firsts’ Laurie . Thank heavens for digital cameras .
    Super pictures of Little Man … determined and fun .

  4. I always went fishing with my Father too. I still remember those good ole days with him! I always wore a white hat with colored dots on it – – – wish I still had that hat! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! ❤

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