Brazos Bend State Park…


We have had a LONG hot summer! It was time to get out of the house and enjoy this gorgeous fall weather!!

Tarzan said, “I want to go for a hike!”

“Oh, boy…muttered Jane!” Jane really isn’t into a lot of foot pedaling. Smile…

Tarzan said, “Let’s take Bossy Boy with us, he could use some exercise too.”

We jumped into the car and Jane says to Bossy Boy, “Are you excited to get to go to Brazos Bend State Park?

This is the look I get on his face after I asked this question. I will let you be the judge of his answer.


When we take these little adventurous day trips, these two are always way ahead of me, for I am stopping every two seconds taking pictures.

I look up and see they are already on the fishing pier and intently looking over the rail.

What are they so intently looking at, I wonder?


Oh, MY!!!! No wonder Tarzan has Bossy Boy in a tight grip! Yikes!!

This alligator was only inches from them.

Bossy Boy was telling Daddy, “Let me at him, I can take him on!”

Calm down…you can’t get in there with him, silly boy!


I have to say, this place was delightful.

Hiking, Biking and Wildlife Viewing! There are almost 25 miles of hiking and biking trails, including an 8 Β­mile equestrian trail system.



As you can see from the images, our trees don’t turn the vibrant colors of the northern states…sigh.

BUT, we get these beautiful golden rod flowers blooming everywhere to ring in the fall season.


Jane says, “Tarzan, can you pick me up tomorrow? I need to sit here for a while.”

I hope you are enjoying your fall weather, wherever that may be.


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33 thoughts on “Brazos Bend State Park…

  1. Wow! I hope the Texas State Park will use your photos for their web site! Love the last two especially. Most people don’t know how beautiful Texas is.
    I’m in love with Tarzan! πŸ™‚

  2. What beautiful pictures and that alligator sure looked intimating. Glad that he was holding Bossy Boy tight. I also love the water and that last picture is wonderful. We had some nice fall colors this year.

  3. Quite the Gator!! I’ve never seen one “for real” … I’m sure it’s intimidating.
    That last photo with the reflection (I’m so drawn to them) is wonderful as is your puppy!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Glad you are enjoying a beautiful fall day! Our summer did not get too hot this year. Fall has been a bit damp and rainy – but we enjoy a day out when we can!

  5. I sure know what you mean, I have to take rests on long walks!! Wow that gator looks intimidating! Sure glad your Tarzan had a hold of Bossy Boy!! Bossy Boy is sooooooo cute! Love the goldenrods!! Happy Monday (boo hoo) tidings and paraders for a fast weekend! Tee hee, Hugz Lisa and Bear

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