Puddle Jumper…


Little Man is being introduced to the “Puddle Jumper!”

As you can see by his expression and his plea to Grammie…to come rescue you him!!

Of course, Grammie must NOT interfere…sigh.

The boy can turn the tears on in a heart beat.


But as you can see…all is well. This was taken only 2 seconds later.

Well…maybe this Puddle Jumper isn’t so bad after all.

Yes, I think we have a little actor on our hands.


He is starting to relax and have fun…



We are telling him what a BIG BOY he is now. All smiles of course.



Uncle Luke decided to join the fun, now that the drama of the Puddle Jumper is gone…smile.

It is always great to have Uncle Luke here in Texas for a visit.

Uncle Luke is a kid at heart, and we LOVE that about him!


Little Man has the big boys on the run!

Filling up his water gun for the fight ahead.


After the battle was over…

He needed to have a talk with Daddy.

Look at Daddy’s hands…folded and ready to listen.


The conversation must of went great…all is well.


I think the consensus is…The Puddle Jumper will do just fine!

We hope you had a great way to celebrate the end of summer too.

It sure went by quickly didn’t it?


50 thoughts on “Puddle Jumper…

  1. Was this aaaall??? It could have gone on forever,, you must have lots more pics… What a gorgeous, happy, heartwarming ❤ photo story, Laurie! BIG BOY is growing into a most charming Little Man, I'd love to get a wet kiss on my cheek from him.. BIG hug! 🙂 ❤

  2. oh, I remember when my guys were young and they were all “floated up” before heading into the pool, back then it was a full bathing suit with floaties built in -lol. Great photos and he looks like he had a blast!

  3. What a fun, sweet, series of photos! I love the expression on Little Man’s face in the photo of the 3 guys … he looks ready to have a go with that supersoaker / water gun!

  4. What a great series of images, Laurie.
    They bring back so many memories for me.

    Summer surely did go by fast, but then again, it always seems to do that. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  5. Love these series of the fun time the little man had in the swimming pool. His smiles, priceless!!! I was in Dallas last weekend, that what my two grandsons did in the afternoon in their backyard 🙂

  6. I can see him changing from toddler to ‘little boy’. It happens all too quickly, doesn’t it? Such a sweet memory caught in pictures … the key thing. I have a drama queen on my hands so I’m all too familiar with those instant tears.

  7. I so love the,pics of Little Man, he is so cute!! My what a frown he had but glad he loves his puddle jumper! Uncle Luke has a cute mischievous cheesy grin! Great pics! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  8. Laurie, looks like you had a wonderful day with your family. Your grandson is so adorable. And you captured so many expressions! I am glad to say goodbye to summer here in California, looking forward to some cool fall weather. (Hopefully!)

  9. The summer is over! It left good memories. The best thing is that it is going to come back soon (9 months is not so long term).
    But it looks you Guys have summer whole year long. Only calendar remind you that you are in Autumn already. If my understanding of Texas is right.

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