A Little Bit of Heaven…Wimberley


The Texas Hill Country is unique and special, and the Wimberley Valley is nestled right in the heart of it all. Located in the central flyway for migrating birds and sitting atop the Edwards Plateau, where a huge variety of natural fauna can be found, it’s a perfect place for anyone who loves nature. This means Tarzan and Jane naturally…smile.

When we were done visiting Jacob’s Well, (if you missed this post click here.) We headed to the heart of Wimberely Valley…the historic downtown.


This is the first sight you will see as you drive into the village. I said to Tarzan,”This is wild, what is this?” I proceeded to jump out of the car, and asked Tarzan to find  us a parking spot.

The camera started clicking away…I wondered off to the left and see this sign that says, “The Secret Entrance!”

Oh boy, I love hidden/secret passages! I sojourned on down the path and look what I found.

INO'Z Restaurant Deck View

INO’z  Brew & Chew Restaurant backyard patio deck…who knew? It looked like a very cool place for a drinks,music and some people watching. The patio was shaded and sits on the Cypress Creek.  Live Oak trees cover the whole lawn…what a treat in this heat.

I run back to find Tarzan and to tell him about my great find. We returned and had a marvelous time having lunch and having a cocktail to celebrate Tarzan’s birthday.

The service was good and they even have Bocce Ball sets for the competitive at heart. They are also a pet-friendly facility, allowing pets on leashes on the outside deck…big woo hoo.



After our lunch we strolled through the backyard of INO’z and just took in the beautiful peaceful site of the Cypress Creek. Can you tell Tarzan is in his element? He loves loves nature and when he can get around water…well double the smile.


We now had fuel in our tank and was ready to take on the village and see all the quaint stores. Here we have a old fashion gas station, that has been converted into a jewelry store named Calley’s!


I wanted to take a close up of the painted mural that is on the garage door…precious isn’t it? Can you see what it says on the license plate?



Wimberley has been recognized as an attractive tourist destination by such publications as Travel Holiday Magazine who placed it on a list of 2003’s “America’s Ten Best Small Towns.”

There is a saying that goes…

“Put Down That Map…and Get Wonderfully Lost.”

Have you had a chance to get lost lately?


39 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Heaven…Wimberley

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  2. Super pictures and Inoz ‘s looks a lovely place Laurie … so nice to escape from the heat as you say into the cool shade there … can’t say that to often here in UK although I have to say the last few days have been fabulous – proper summer togs 3 or 4 days in a row 😀
    Getting lost makes for some nice surprises !
    Have a great weekend ahead Laurie .

  3. Seems to quite the variety in this town. Good find … Getting lost opportunity recently? Well … when on a night hike (about 2 miles) without using a flashlight to see fireflies …. amazingly, we stayed on the path the entire way. (thanks to the brilliant half moon)

  4. I’ve heard so much about what an amazing State Texas is. Never had the chance to really spend any time there. Conferences in Dallas and that’s about it. Your post makes me want to visit properly…

  5. What a beautiful place. I love the TX Hill Country! I didn’t see Wimberley and it’s been a LOT of years since I was there, so it looks like it’s going back on my to-do (again) list! 😀

  6. What a great find! That photo of the Cypress Creek is gorgeous, especially with the reflections 🙂
    You really gave us a feel for what Wimberly is like. Love all the art work – murals, carvings, decorations.

  7. That garage door is just the best! And your shots down by the Creek. Me and Tarzan certainly have that in common 🙂
    I hope they go on keeping Wimberley wonderful for a long time, Laurie. Happy days, hon!

    P.S- when is your Paris trip?

  8. What an wonderful find. Extra special because it was unplanned. Just the kind of town I would enjoy wandering about in – and that includes the nature part 🙂

  9. I’m with Tarzan….give me some water and I’m one happy camper. I wanted to visit this quaint town this past winter, but the weather had us moving on. I’ll need to make it a priority this fall. Thanks for a lovely post and photos 🙂

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