Midtown Houston…Oh So Yummy!


Well, after our fun stint with shopping for cowboy boots, we got back in the car and drove a couple more blocks and this is what opened up to us.

Our mouths just dropped. We were not expecting  to see all this architectural delight.

One housing unit was completely diverse from the next. So much eye candy…you didn’t know where to turn next.

This went on for several blocks…I had a hard time taking it all in.


They describe this area as a thriving mixed-use community that exemplifies the unique experience of urban living and all that entails and go on to say: leave your car in the garage and use your feet, catch the train or ride your bike.  The burbs…we’re not.  We don’t close at 9 p.m. Where else but Midtown can you experience cultural arts, parks, night-life, fabulous 5-star chef owned restaurants and then stroll home?  Ditch your car, the only key you need is the key to your front door. This is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood in the heart of Houston where many are choosing to experience Houston’s Urban Life. Houston has loads of places to live that are close in, but Midtown is the only place that is-in! Click here to read more…


We parked the car and started walking and one of the first establishments we found was COCO Cafe.

They specialize in crepes, waffles, and paninis. In each category, you could pick from a huge list of either having it sweet or savory.


We sat out here in this adorable area. Of course, as in always the case, Jane went for the sweet crepe and Tarzan went for the savory.


My Hungarian grandmother made these for the grandchildren and we could never get enough of them.

It brought back sweet memories of her and her wonderful food.


We took the rest of the morning, walking around Midtown. Every block had an exciting new restaurant of a different variety, here is just a couple to view.




Tarzan asked Jane, “Do you think we could try them all?”

All in due time my dear…

Talking about Urban Living, you will find a great link to someone who knows all about this style of life.

I enjoyed this video of seeing Sarah Jessica Parker’s apartment in New York. She is so down to earth and open here in this video.

Enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are.



Linky fun: Little Things Thursday

31 thoughts on “Midtown Houston…Oh So Yummy!

  1. Hello Laurie.Excuse me go so late but I loved to walk in Midtown Houston.Very bright blocks with some eye-catching color.Everything is attractive, especially the fronts of restaurants.There is vegetation and umbrellas inviting to sit below and take a break.It is so relaxing that I often go for a walk in this area.
    I wish you a nice weekend. ❤

  2. Having been to Houston only once to pick up my son at the Bus station, these photos gave a different perspective to the city. Such beauty and beautifully captured!

  3. Oh Laurie, you share the most interesting links! I loved the 73 questions with SJP and went on to hear more… it’s an addictive channel for sure! Love the tour of midtown Houston, the architecture is gorgeous…and those crepes are getting me hungry 🙂

  4. Beautiful pics, Laurie.This Jane would have gone for the savoury, and hubby always chooses the sweet option. Your crépe does look very tempting though. 😕 Midtown certainly does look like the place to be. 🙂

    • I love architecture! That looks like a very cool place to live!! Your food looked awesome too! I love ethnic foods! Have a wonderful Wednesday! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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