Spring Brings Out the Gardening In Me…


I have had so many ask to see a glimpse of our life and home here in Texas. But, I am not ready to reveal the inside of the house yet.

We still have major painting, curtains to hang…you get the picture. But it will come in its own hour.

But in the mean time, I thought I would show you where we go to relax in the evening.

Our little backyard…even though it is not done…here is a peek.

Can you see the colored glass tea lites hanging in the trees?


Well, here they are up close. Tarzan, found these and had to have them. What do you think?


For Mothers Day, our children bought me 8 climbing Jasmine plants! Oh JOY!

I couldn’t wait to get them planted!! They go from the beginning of the side fence and run down the length of the yard.

Can you just imagine how the fragrance will fill the space someday?


When we saw this house for the first time, the past owner had all these big pots everywhere. So when we made the offer on the house,we asked for these to stay! Do you blame us?



Well, we might not be the only ones to enjoy our backyard and deck in the evenings. Furry boy, always gets in on the fun too.


What a great way to celebrate our hard work. Smile…


54 thoughts on “Spring Brings Out the Gardening In Me…

  1. You would have enjoyed the private garden that I got to go to yesterday. It was three acres with seven biomes. The owners have been creating it since 1978, and it was truly a fairy land for gardeners. I’ll have a blog about it sometime this week.

  2. Love your baby there and the the colorful hanging bottles. Where in the world did they find such pretty bottles? LOL Your flowers are lovely too. I think my brown thumb came with my children because since they were born, I seem to kill everything… even the plants that are suppose to grow back every year… ugh 😀

  3. Oh lovely, Cheers, Laurie! Thanks for letting us peep into your new paradise. 🙂 I can smell the Jasmin all the way to The Rhine Valley.
    All the best, Dina xo

  4. Laurie, the first words to come to my mind at seeing your garden was ‘pure elegance’. I love ‘furry boy’, the tea-lights, and the pots best of all.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  5. Everything’s pretty. I like all of the sun shining on there too!! 🙂 Good luck w/the house, I’m sure it’s fun but tiring too. 😉 #beentheredonethat 🙂

  6. Oh my, what a gorgeous backyard Laurie… I love the climbing jasmine and the big potted plants and …well everything really. So so cozy and beautiful. I know what you mean about not being able to show everything though, it’s taking me forever to make my home my home 😉 Great reminder to share what’s been done so far though! xo

  7. Oh Laurie, how exciting!
    I became enamored with Jasmine while visiting my son in Charleston. So pretty to see and wonderful to smell.
    And those tea lights! what a great idea. I wonder how they look at night?
    What a lovely outdoor space you’ve created.
    (by the way, that is a wonderful photo of your puppy!)

  8. What a gorgeous garden and stunning shots as usual Laurie! Furry boy is totally adorable! I wish I could hang such beautiful and colour bottles up in our trees but the monkeys will have a grand time with them. LOL!

  9. You have many wonderful ideas to arrange the garden and I have kept the pots too.I like colored bottles hanging from the tree.It must be very intimate evening.I notice that you like Belgian beer.Good publicity.Thank you. 😉

  10. Laurie, Everything looks lovely. You sure get things done in a hurry. I can’t wait to see the inside. How was MJ? Tonight starts the Bachelorette! Love, Annie

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