Sprinkle With Love On Mothers Day…Houston Family Photographer


Sprinkle with love on Mother’s Day!

I’m sure it isn’t surprising by now, where I spent my time on Mother’s Day right?!

How do you resist this cute bundle of laughter?…sigh.


I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know, that we are back open for business now in Houston, TX with Pride in Photos Photography.

We specialize in children’s and family natural light photography, with a lifestyle flair.

Capturing the amazing range of love and emotion in the kiddos, nothing speaks to my heart more.

We hope you can tell by these images, the style we love to capture.



We play to the passion of the children, what makes them turn on their spark of love? Everyone has this, it is our job as the photographer to find it.

As you can see here, Little Man LOVES the water! This was a great way to bring out his emotion and personality.

This is what a portrait session should look like…not a posed session, where you can’t tell the character of the child.

Image a gallery wall of your child or grandchild with a lifestyle twist…how guests will oooh and aaah when they walk into your home. It is so wonderful to see how their face just lights up when they walk into the room and see this.



Oh, by the way…it never hurts to use an adorable prop that is special to the child either.

Little Man’s new hat…a gift from his GREAT Grandma and Grandpa in Fort Myers Beach, FL! They have funΒ taste don’t they?

If you are ever in the Houston area, we would love the opportunity to capture your beautiful family in their favorite environment.

Let the ray of sunshine fill your heart today.


31 thoughts on “Sprinkle With Love On Mothers Day…Houston Family Photographer

  1. Agreed…..this is what a portrait session looks like! Thanks. You’ve just backed up something that I’ve thought for years!

  2. He is such a sweetie and how happy he is in the water. It is a joy to see him and it much be so much pleasure for you to be with him! Enjoy and seize the moments!

  3. Hi Laurie, you can’t beat the gift of beautiful photos, or displaying them in your home. Although sometimes they aren’t always accepted with good grace but that’s another story. Love your pics here, he’s a charming little boy.

  4. Laurie, you inspire me to get more creative and have more fun with family pictures. I’m discovering that like nature pictures I need to be ready to grab a few shots when opportunity strikes. It’s paying off.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  5. These are so lovely and bring so much joy to parents and grand parents. I am glad to hear you reopen. Good luck with your new location of “Pride in Photos Photography”.

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