The Courage To Dream…


You have just entered “The Lone Star State!”

The Courage to dream always precedes the capital needed to finance the dream! Smile…

Can I tell you how much I wish I could of learned this lesson when I was much younger?

The only way to figure out HOW something is done…refuse to take your eye off of it!

If the pathway into the future we well lit, it would be very crowded my friend.

You have to take chances in life…you won’t take risk without COURAGE!

Don’t listen to your so called friends…who are telling you, some people think it is always greener on the other side.

You know what that is? Yes, you got it FEAR!!!

Failure is defined in terms of missed opportunities rather than failed attempts.

Not every choice you make in life will work for you…that is NOT failure! But it is failure, if you let it define your life and not move on.

Be very careful who you let into your life…their fears…will become yours!!

Surround yourself with like minded people who want the same thing as you. If not they can make your life very miserable and you know the saying…”LIFE IS TOO SHORT.”

Go live a FULL life…not one in a very small box. We were put on this earth for more than that.

I want my legacy to be defined on the lives of my family and the future generations, especially the grandchildren.

Moving to Texas was a very big dream, I hope my learning experience can help a few out there who might be experiencing the same situation.

Sometimes you just need someone to go first! Once you can see this, it will give your courage to go and fulfill your dream…no matter how big or small.

PS…did you watch the video I linked to in the last post? So fitting to what I just wrote about today. Adorable adorable video. Don’t miss it!

Have a precious day.


32 thoughts on “The Courage To Dream…

  1. I love how strong and courageous you are Laurie… and how you share your optimism to encourage and inspire us! This post really spoke to my recent (and current) experience – of moving far from home and continue pursuing what I love (photography) – even when it sometimes feels much easier to quit or stay where we are. But like you said, Life is (way) too short! 🙂 Congratulations on your successful move and Happy Mother’s Day!! xo

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I never thought we would find a way to love on a boat for part of the year, but we did! And you found a way to follow your dream too. Big or small, there are ways to make things happen if we get determined and creative. So happy for you Laurie!

  3. Such wise words! These make me want to push a little harder for my goals. I have learned that in seeking goals, you do find out who your champions are. There will be those that say “keep going and go further”. There will also be those who can’t bother to congratulate you for anything. It is imperative to find the right people to allow in that inner circle of trust. Im so proud of you for going for your dream.

  4. Don’t know where in TX you are moving to…I lived in Dallas for 21 years before moving back to my home state of Louisiana; and to this day, I still refer to Texas as home, since I spent my entire adult life there. This Border entrance looks somewhat familiar to me.

  5. What a beautiful message and very true as well Laurie. We should never give up on our dreams. Wishing you all of the best in the lovely state of Texas. I sure wouldn’t mind living there as well. 😀

  6. Your post is so inspirational, Laurie. I really needed to read this, and especially like the “You have to take chances in life…you won’t take risk without COURAGE!” I’ve never been to the ‘Lone Star State’, but I’m sure I will before too long. 🙂 Hugs to you.

  7. Yes, it’s that inner critic, the pessimist, the part of us that listens to the negative instead of hearing and receiving the encouragement. At the end of the day, the choices are ours to make. Very thoughtful post!

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