Thank God, I Am A Country Boy…


When I FINALLY arrived in Texas, the Houston Rodeo had come to town! Whew, I am so glad I made it in time. I have been hearing about this huge event for the longest while and it lived up to it’s great reputation.


Of course, Little Man had to wear his cowboy boots to the show.


When we walked into the arena, this was the first thing that hit our eye sight…thousands of them everywhere.
So how does a person chose?


But the real delight of the show, was the children’s “Fun On The Farm” exhibit they put on. The time and effort to create this was phenomenal. The children just loved it! Here is how they described the event…Fun on the Farm allows children to explore the world of agriculture by following the process of producing farm products, from planting to market. Children can help with farm chores such as gathering eggs, planting and harvesting crops, and milking a cow. Be sure and check out Goat Mountain. Observe goats as they frolic on a rocky hill and learn how the goat industry contributes to Texas agriculture and your daily life.

Can you believe a 108,000 little farmers came through this event this year?!


Look at the “Hook” on his wrist throwing that ear of corn? Daddy has done well teaching him how to throw. Too bad itΒ came up a little short. Next year, Little Man.


Well, you can’t be a country boy, without learning how to milk a cow…as you can see…he picked this up just fine.



If you are wondering what “Little Man” is doing in the picture…he is doing Etsy Bitsy Spider. Smile.

Little Man’s mommy is looking mighty fine in her western apparel.


Seriously, how does a Country Boy pick? Well, you just try a different one every year right?!

To top off the day…we saw Jake Owen in concert that night…another fine Country Boy. Smile.

Thank God I’m A Country Boy…John Denver

Well life on the farm is kinda laid back
Ain’t much an old country boy like me can’t hack
It’s early to rise, early in the sack
Thank God I’m a country boy

Well a simple kinda life never did me no harm
A raisin’ me a family and workin’ on a farm
My days are all filled with an easy country charm
Thank God I’m a country boy

Well I got me a fine wife I got me an ole fiddle
When the sun’s comin’ up I got cakes on the griddle
Life ain’t nothin’ but a funny funny riddle
Thank God I’m a country boy

When the work’s all done and the sun’s settlin’ low
I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow
The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low
Thank God I’m a country boy

I’d play Sally Goodin all day if I could
But the Lord and my wife wouldn’t take it very good
So I fiddle when I can, work when I should
Thank God I’m a country boy


Well I wouldn’t trade my life for diamonds and jewels
I never was one of them money hungry fools
I’d rather have my fiddle and my farmin’ tools
Thank God I’m a country boy

Yeah, city folk drivin’ in a black limousine
A lotta sad people thinkin’ that’s mighty keen
Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
Thank God I’m a country boy


Well, my fiddle was my daddy’s till the day he died
And he took me by the hand and held me close to his side
Said, “Live a good life and play the fiddle with pride
And thank God you’re a country boy

My daddy taught me young how to hunt and how to whittle
Taught me how to work and play a tune on the fiddle
Taught me how to love and how to give just a little
Thank God I’m a country boy

Thank God I’m A Country Boy!

To visit Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’sΒ website you can click here.

Hope all is well with you this week.


43 thoughts on “Thank God, I Am A Country Boy…

  1. Laurie

    You are just having the BEST TIME with that terrific grandson and family. Lucky you!!! He is so precious and lovable. It is such fun to watch him grow. How is everything else going for you and Matt? Does he still like his job there? We need to know how close are you to Dallas? We hear news, but we are so unfamiliar with Texas that we need to know where you are.

    Missing you at MJ. It is not the same and now a lot of our players are going north. Looks like Kathy, Sandy, Candy and I are it for this Fri. But that is ok, we still have some laughs.

    Thinking of you and hope all is going well.

    Stay cool! πŸ™‚

    Hugs Bev

    Sent from my iPad


  2. This is amazing post, this little cowboy, so lovely and so handsome πŸ™‚ Blessing and Happiness to you All. I loved these boots πŸ™‚ I want too! This was so beautiful to be in your world into the photographs… Thank you, love, nia

  3. I’ll tell you what, I’ll go to the NRV Fair again this year if just for the Deep Fried Oreos! Yum!
    That photo of Little Man milking the cow is just wonderful!

  4. Absolutely stunning shots as usual Laurie and the little man makes the cutest cowboy ever! Looks like all you had lots of fun. πŸ˜€

  5. So happy that you’re enjoying your move. Texas sounds awesome. Love the pictures. πŸ™‚ Little Man has a very pretty mom and handsome dad. πŸ™‚ and Little Man is so preciously cute.

  6. Oh Look at Little Man and the milking πŸ™‚ Love the boots shot .. I wonder how long they will fit …
    What a fabulous day Laurie !

  7. I’ve returned from a two-week holiday. Catching up on my blog. Really like the carrot garden and your grandson milking a cow. These are necessary experiences for children to appreciate and understand nature and the great outdoors and wildlife.

  8. I love little man milking the cow. Did you get a hat for yourself . What color did you get?
    Glad to see you having some fun too

  9. Thanks…you got that song now stuck in my head! Thank God I’m a country boy, yee haw! I love that photo of little man milking a cow! How fun is that! Your family is so beautiful and so full of love! Hugs to all of you! ❀

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