Hey, Houston…We Had Problem Here


Do you remember James A. Lovell Jr. saying this statement on the Apollo 13 moon flight? Our family visited Houston’s NASA Space Center and was filled with awe! Can I tell you how proud I am of this country and their achievements, after visiting this incredible place! I have never seen and probably won’t again an environment filled with such magnitude of rich history.


Oh, it didn’t hurt my perspective either to see Little Man’s eyes light up so much with the sites. Here, we see him and Daddy looking at the rocket display.




Well, look…Tarzan even joined in on the fun!



Little Man…you are an adorable astronaut! Did you know they can be as young as 9 years old….to enter NASA’S Space University in the summer? Oh, what a hoot if he would receive this opportunity. You KNOW how much he loves airplanes and rockets!


The impossible happened here. Our family experienced the history of space exploration and we discovered how NASA still pushes the boundaries today. We were very inspired and amazed. To find out more about the Space Center in Houston, visit their fantastic website here.

Now, on to a more personal note…I MISS YOU ALL!!

The move to Texas was just a little bigger bite than I thought it would be.

I LOVE it…don’t get me wrong…but sometimes our dreams (eyes) can be larger than our physical bodies. SMILE.

For you that are over 50 years of age…can I hear an amen?

I was ten years younger when I made our last move…let’s just say…it wasn’t as easy as before.

We bought a home already! Yes, we don’t let any dust get under our feet do we?

We are as happy as two clams together!

I just unpacked my last box yesterday of personal things.

It has been quite the challenge to fit our junk into an older home with NO storage!

Would you like to guess how many trips to Goodwill I have made? Way too many to count.

We hope we have made a few people happy shopping there this past week or so.

But the home has character and not just a square cement block structure.

So you take the good with the bad right?!

I wanted to let you know what I have been doing these past few weeks as I have been MIA.

Love to hear from you all…

Laurie XXOO


45 thoughts on “Hey, Houston…We Had Problem Here

  1. Glad you’re getting settled in at your new location, and being near Little Man can only be a big plus and happiness all around. Have a great Easter, and love seeing the museum pictures. 🙂

  2. Through the eyes of a child… awe…. these are priceless pictures! My daughter did a summer program one summer a million years ago connected with a NASA summer camp… she loved it. (Oh yeah, you got an AMEN from me…. I just moved my mom, the next week was my daughter & her hubby, now next week mom is moving again to a different apartment. I feel ya on the moving….. LOL

  3. As a child of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo … I would love to visit that museum in Houston. Thanks for sharing.

    Glad to hear that you move was a success … although painful. We too move … first time in 27 years … and about 6 miles away … and I’ve been stressed out most of 2014. Good luck with the continual adjustment.

  4. These are wonderful pictures, Laurie. I’m so glad to hear that you chose character over storage. I think we all tend to have too much stuff. By the way, little man makes a handsome astronaut. Congratulations on the move–amen too! 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  5. So glad you unpacked your last box, Laurie! These are great photos. How wonderful to have Houston’s NASA Space Center as your first post after moving to Texas 🙂 Love it!!

  6. Love the pictures and especially the little astronaut. Didn’t realize they could enter as young as 9. Being over 50 remember all of that so well. We are moving next year so we will probably experience a lot of what you are going through now. Take care ♥

  7. Great pictures!! And Little Man makes the most adorable astronaut!!
    So glad you are getting settled in! Moves are always so exhausting –physically, mentally, and emotionally!
    But, as I’ve said before — YAY, welcome to Texas! 🙂

  8. Yay, Laurie! I have been doing the “collapsing and Good Will” thing, myself the past few weeks. I am in my 40’s and still find moving to be a large task! Congrats and yay!

  9. So glad that soon all will be calm and you can begin enjoying your new life! Great pics as always and thanks for supporting Goodwill, you are helping to create jobs and opportunities for those less fortunate. Have a wonderful week and try to get some rest.

  10. Loved seeing your photos.. Looks like you guys had some fun at the museum. I can imagine moving is a big thing. You sound to be fitting in just fine.


  11. So happy to hear how well you’ve adjusted to Texas-living and how you are taking advantage of all the opportunities the city of Houston has to offer!

  12. We miss you too! I’m glad you have a new home and have fun getting settled! I too am reminded I’m not a spring chicken any more, darn it all anyway!! Tee hee! We may go a bit slower but still going we are! Our energizer bunnies may be a little dim but still going and going! Hugz, Lisa and Bear

  13. I’ve seen some of the homes in Texas and they’re beautiful, and for such a great price! Or they were when we were paying attention. 😉

    Look at your little man in the astronaut suit!! Too cute for words, ha! Congrats to you and your husband on buying the new home. I hope it’s nice and close to baby grand. 🙂

  14. Fabulous pics, Laurie, and your Little Man looks too cute in his astronaut suit. What a precious face peeping out of there! 🙂 So glad your move went well. I’ll be doing the same very soon, but I’m older than you and have much further to take my stuff. I hope I can make the right choices about what to take and what to leave behind. So great to see you again. xx

  15. Congratulations on your new home in Texas, so good to read from you, Laurie! I hope you settle in and down quickly, the Little Man surely will help! 🙂 He looks like a real hero in that dress, absolutely fearless, I’m impressed!
    Love, Dina

  16. Little Man is just beaming at being an astronaut for a day! Would love to visit Houston’s NASA Space Center one day with my boys. So nice seeing you back online Laurie!… Congratulations on your new home and successful move (can definitely relate to the back & forth drop-offs at Goodwill). Am looking forward to the photos of your new surroundings 🙂

  17. New home … new beginnings but family close by how wonderful Laurie .. I’m sure it has been a massive upheaval , but look what there is to look forward to now … many more Little Man times 🙂
    You’ve been missed x

  18. Aha you are now in Texas with your special family and “little man”….I am so happy for you. But heh, I hear ya on the packing. That thought puts nightmares in my head. I have lived here for 35 years so you know the mess that has accumulated. Congrats!!

  19. I JUST went to your FB page yesterday, wondering how things were going. So glad to hear from you!
    Moves are wonderfully challenging adventures, and yes, they can be tough. Glad to hear you are settling in.
    Love the photos from the Apollo 13 exhibit!

  20. I love moving so I admit to being a little jealous! My across the ocean move has been the most fun ever. Now I’m thinking I’d like to attend that NASA summer University.

  21. Amen & lovely to see you back! I smiled at the Little man in the space outfit…you must have a blast now that you can see him more often. I just spent a lovely time with my granddaughter. Good luck with the remaining trips to Good Will. I did too many to count them too when we moved here from MD three years ago.

  22. YAY – A Laurie sighting!
    Nice to “see” you.
    LOVE the pic with lil man. That brought a BIG SMILE 😀 to my face.
    Just look at those lil cheeks!

  23. So glad to hear you are all settled. I love your positive outlook and love of family. Enjoy being close to little man. And yes – I can appreciate the over 50 – how about over 60?? 🙂

  24. Great to see a new post from you Laurie and to hear that you are finally getting settled. What a blessing to live close to that beautiful little man. 🙂

  25. Wonderful to see a new post from you. Glad to hear that things are settling up in Houston, ah yes it takes the heck out of you – doesn’t it? Good for Goodwill and great for old structures – they have character!

  26. The astronaut suit is just too precious! Oh, my! I don’t envy you moving. We’ve lived in our house for 29+ years. The thought of what it would take physically {and emotionally} to move paralyzes me. Best of luck!

  27. Great to hear from you, Laurie. Nolan sure makes an adorable astronaut. Didn’t play MJ with the girls today, busy getting things done, my sisters are coming tomorrow. Then they leave next Fri. and Suzy and the family come that night. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Then Marianne will be coming 2 weeks later. We are planning to go back to NJ at the end of May. I sure miss you. Glad everything is going well for you and Matt. It will take time before you feel comfortable with the new surroundings. You two have been so busy settling in your new home, you don’t have time to relax and enjoy yet. In due time. Keep in touch and give Nolan a hug for me. Best to Matt. Love, Annie

    Sent from my iPad

  28. I’ve not been to the Houston center, but Cape Canaveral and the guided tour there is incredible, as is the Astronaut Hall of Fame/Museum that is not far from the Cape. I’ve been fascinated with space and space travel ever since i was just a tiny kid! Glad you got to go and are getting settled into your new place!

  29. So, you have made the move to Houston? I’m betting it will be a good one for you not only because you are closer to family but because Houston is a good place to live even if the summers do get a little warm. You will have to let me know where you are.

  30. That’s what American life is all about Laurie! Some move to Houston some other to the moon! You go where life and the love for yours takes you! In no time you’ll be feeling 20 years younger! Good to hear from you! 🙂

  31. Little man would make a great astronaut. 🙂 And, yes, those of us over 50 certainly understand how it takes longer to do something now than it did ten years ago. Things that use to take a day now take closer to three for me. It’s not that we don’t get the job done, we just have an opportunity to spend more time doing it. 🙂 You’ve been missed.

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