How To Take Your Grandmother to the Museum


One of Little Man’s gifts at Christmas, was Animal Planet’s Dinosaur’s Play Set. Oh my, ever since that day…we now have a dinosaur obsession too along with the airplanes.

So of course, the next step was to take your grandmother to the dinosaur museum right?!

Our first stop once we were inside, was the Museum Store. Well, if you can believe this…I turned the corner and look what I find? A book that is titled…”How To Take Your Grandmother to the Museum!” I just let out this squeal and everyone comes to see what the commotion is about.

Little Man is showing his mommy and daddy how he is taking his grandmother too!

Don’t you just love when a moment is SO perfect and everything falls into place for you?


Can I tell you how adorable it was to hear him try to say all the different dinosaur’s names that are about 25 syllables long? Smile…


The wonder of a child…




Capturing this moment…PRICELESSβ™₯

If you are ever in the Houston area, I highly recommend the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land. The crowds are very minimal and you can look at all the exhibitions and fascinating experiences without all the interruptions.

Did you notice the NEW blog header I designed and created this past week? Love to hear your thoughts?

Have a great week!

69 thoughts on “How To Take Your Grandmother to the Museum

  1. The header is fabulous Laurie. I love museums, especially the dinosaurs and the pic of the little guy is truly priceless.

  2. Oh my gosh, Laurie!! That Black & White picture???? Totally awesome! He’s so precious. I bet it was cute trying to hear him pronounce the names. πŸ™‚

  3. I can almost hear little man’s saying the dinosaur’s names, oh so cute ! Laurie, the last photo is magnificent, how so very beautiful !
    I noticed the new header and I think it’s really beautiful, you did a great job πŸ™‚

  4. I wonder how many of those books they’ve sold by placing them so strategically! I know it was so much fun visiting that fabulous place with your grandson.

  5. Little Man is a darling ! What child didn’t like a dinosaur I wonder .. none that I know πŸ˜‰ am sure his interest will stay for some considerable time .
    Love your new header – very cool ..isn’t it fun playing with photoshop Laurie !

  6. Love the light on LM’s beautiful face! Your header is just great. This reminded me of taking our little granddaughter to see the dinosaus at the museaum in Ottawa. So much fun. But no cool book like you saw. πŸ˜‰

  7. I love museums where there are exhibitions that children can touch – makes the experience more real to them.
    I noticed your header on my last visit and I do like it – it looks so professional.

  8. I do like the new header. I noticed it the other day but was rather distracted by the beer can house, at the time! Isn’t it wonderful to have such exciting, captivating,adventures with Little Man?

  9. Looks like a great museum, all children love dinosaurs, we have in London a great dino museum too and we still love to go there now even my children are almost adults.Love your new look, cool!

  10. What a wonderful title for a book, and I love the cover pic. I bet those dinosaurs never realised how popular they would be with the kids of the future. πŸ™‚ Gorgeous pic of your grandson. He was really absorbed. Well done with your lovely new blog header. It’s very attractive, just like the young woman.

  11. Love your new banner. Crisp and clean. Great post about your trip with your grandson and wonderful pictures. Dinosaur obsession is good! We love our Natural History Museum here in Los Angeles. We made many trips when our daughter was young and she loved it so much that now she is a volunteer docent.

  12. I bet you did squeal at that book! How adorable! Looks like a wonderful outing with a super cute date! Love your new header, too!

  13. Very nice capturing the scenes in the museum and the last one of the little man is awesome. Yes, I noticed the new header. It is nice. The question came up in my mind right away for the picture of the lady to the right is you or your daughter?

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