It’s SO Fun To Tease Him…


Little Man has a lot of charisma…and Grammie sometimes uses this to her advantage.


When I want a cute reaction…I will say, “Oh, What is Out There?”

“Could it be a doggie?” and run to the window.

Of course, he follows in pursuit…


Do you think I am terrible to tell a little white lie? I just LOVE to see him happy and his face light up.

Then I say, “Oh no, he must of left!”

As you can see by his reaction…he is just happy that a doggie was outside his home…SMILE.

On to a more serious note…TODAY marks Little Man’s, Older Sister’s Birthday…Miss Olivia. She would have been four years old today…hard to believe…this much time has passed.

I don’t think there is a day, where our family doesn’t think about her and what she stillย means to our family.

Every year, her pictures are around the Christmas tree as ornaments, a reminder of how she has touched our lives.

There are times when I watch “Little Man” play…I start reminiscing if Olivia would have had the same mannerisms or said something similar?

I think about how the whole dynamic would have changed with him being the second child and not the firstborn. Would he still have the same characteristics? This too…we shall never know.

But this I DO KNOW…there will be a day in heaven…when this grandma shall open up her arms and say, “Finally, I have waited so long…Little Girl…I’ve MISSED YOU!”

If you missed the Memorial Garden we built last year for Miss Olivia…Click here.

You also can check out the Missing Our Little Angel post I created the year before here.

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53 thoughts on “It’s SO Fun To Tease Him…

  1. You know, Laurie, you are always such a force for positive that I had not remembered about Olivia. Now I do remember looking at your photos of the Memorial Garden.
    I’m so glad you have this sweet, sweet face to bring you joy, while you never forget that sweet Oliva.

  2. He’s just so cute. I can’t get over those cheeks and what a great smile. The memorial garden if simply beautiful and a great way to honor sweet Olivia–your little angel.

  3. Oh, Laurie- this is a heartbreaker! I didn’t know about Olivia. No wonder you love him so, and the notion of you hugging her in heaven. It has me welling up, darlin. Long may you love and live, Laurie ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh, I truly enjoy seeing this cutie and you can post about him all the time for sure Laurie. heheheheh He is just sooooo adorable and you capture him so well! Thinking of you hon. ๐Ÿ˜€ *big hugs*

  5. Hi, I hope your day was ok. Lots to think about, but all good things are coming your way. Have a good week. Nolan is so adorable!!! Love, Annie

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  6. I adore little man, he’s so cute! When I read this post about your little Olivia, I started to cry because it struck a chord with me! I’m so sorry of the loss of your loved one, happy birthday to her anyhow!! I lost my dear sweet sister in the 80’s and wonder how her life would have been had she still been alive! I’m so glad you have little man to fill your hearts with joy!! Hugz always, Lisa and Bear

  7. Laurie,

    What a touching post. Of course love the pictures of Little Man. And my heart goes out to you today as you honor Miss Olivia. Each day she is remembered, but I know that days like this are always the hardest.


  8. What a very happy little man your grandson is, Laurie. Miss Olivia will always be alive in your hearts. I’m so sad that you and your family endured such a terrible loss. The Memorial Garden is such a wonderful idea. xx

  9. What cute pictures, he i so adorable! Thanks for sharing your very touching story. I have been a volunteer photographer for ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep’ for many years and know the loss of a child touches many families and all their loved ones. Miss Olivia’s garden is just beautiful. What a wonderful way to cherish and remember her. Wish you a blessed day.

  10. I had no idea that your family endured this loss. My heart aches for all of you. On a brighter note – that smile is fantastic on your grandson. He’s gonna be loved by all the little girls in the future!

  11. My heart hurts for the little one you are missing. That is such a hard hard loss. Praying for you all as you miss her each day, but hopeful for that great reunion one day! LM is such a cutie!

  12. I have always played the same way with my grandson who is now 7. He has lived with us most of his born days after the divorce, but now has again moved with his mama. Anyway, I always played the same with my kids…anything to see those wonderful smiles. I still pretend I think this toes are tookies (cookies) and I’m going to nibble them. Even at 7, he still enjoys keeping them away from me and makes him smile. Your little one has such a precious smile. The latter part of your post made my heart ache for your family. I can only imagine the hole that is left. ~hugs~

  13. A lie is worth it if you are rewarded with that face! Hope, joy, happiness! Also? Thanks for including the link to the history behind his older sis. I had no idea, being a newer follower. My heart goes out to you all!

  14. Olivia must surely feel the love from your family as she watches over you, for it is so strong, like you, Laurie. Give a big hug to that beautiful Grandson of yours, for we’ve all grown to love him!

  15. Such joy comes from our grandchildren and their sense of wonder. I do not know the back story of your loss. I do know that you have devoted yourself to your little man, and that is obviously a sustaining force for your family and you.

  16. Won’t it be fun when you say ‘there’s a dog out there’ and you both discover it’s the truth? ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s always a chance there will be. Hugs for you, as you remember, celebrate and grieve your precious Miss Olivia.

  17. You touched my to tears, Laurie. Such a heartwarming story!
    Miss Olivia, here comes a kiss for you.x You would have been so proud of your handsome little brother, I’m sure.
    Big hug

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