A Family of Cowboys in the Making…


If you remember back in October, I teased you a little…about waiting to see which pair of boots the “Little Man” picked out for his Christmas present?

So many of you tried to guess which pair it was…but you didn’t really think I would show you the “Real” pair did you? Smile…


We tried on so many styles on him, but the middle image was the winning pair!!

But we didn’t stop there…we decided to splurge on his mommy and daddy also.

I mean…how is “Little Man” to be a cowboy if his parents aren’t playing in the rodeo too?


So here is the family of cowboys in the making…

Now you are probably wondering…why are they not modeling them?

The real truth…we forgot to take the Western Photo Shoot before we had to fly back early in the a.m.

I just had to make do and grabbed some quick shots of the boots, right before we headed to the airport.

You can look forward in the future to the family showing off their spurs. I can almost hear their sighs as they read this…BIG smile.

Cowboy Boots –Β Michael Crawford

Cowboys boots can look old and new
I may own one pair or a few
They fit so well in what I wear
No matter if my jeans are new or have a tear

Some say cowboy boots look so cool
To others who work, they can worn as a tool
Mine are old and aged so well
Where I have worn them, I have lots to tell

Cowboy boots come in many styles and a different size
To give mine away, to the receiver, a prize
Some are brown or made of skin
The pattern is complex, look and you be put in a spin

Cowboy boots fit in clubs or bars
Or worn to drive my car
In a corporate office you may not find
Not cowboy boots, but a shoe of another kind

Mine are worn, you can say torn
But others will say, that is the norm
So brown or black or even with skin
Not just for her but also worn by him

Some have rounded ends or pointed ends
But If need fixed, just don’t mend
For all the places I go
Coming through the door, they will not say no

So those old boots can last a long time
Keep them long and you won’t spend another dime
In some closet, a pair waiting to be worn
Buy a new pair when you next baby is born.Β 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the family expand their Texas roots?

If you missed the “shopping experience” of Little Man in the Western Store…Click here.

Wondering where we did our western shopping? Click here for their marvelous website.


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50 thoughts on “A Family of Cowboys in the Making…

  1. Those are some fancy boots! All of them are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see LM in the one day! He is going to be quite the cowboy.

  2. They’re in Texas, right? If you’re in Texas, you gotta have a great pair of boots!! These are all great ones too. πŸ™‚ And the photos look cool!

  3. How those are some nice looking boots my friend. I have a couple of pair myself.. I LOVE them. Once there broke in they are just as comfy as my tennis shoes.. I bet the little guy loved them.


  4. This is a great post – a family of cowboy boots for a beautiful family, what a great way to end the week! I have been looking for a nice pair of cowboy boots, but you know from where #thrifting Have a wonderful weeked!

  5. I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots, but I always feared that they would be to tight around the front of my foot – I have big, wide feet, lol. Maybe one day πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh my! I’m writing fast so my husband doesn’t see the boots over my shoulder, they’re gorgeous and he’s itching for another pair πŸ™‚ The stitching and aged leather is really really nice. Can’t wait to see LM in all his!

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