He Is Definitely The Star…


Now that we are back home from Texas, I would love to start sharing our time we had during the holidays with y’all☺ It was glorious as usual and we had such a delightful time.

On our first day with Little Man, Papa turns to me and says, “He definitely is the star of the family, isn’t he?” I reply, “He sure is…how could he not be?”


“We have waited a long time for his arrival and when he finally came into this world…he arrived with lots of charisma and JOY!”

Of course, our first day was all about playing with his favorite activities…Lego building HIGH towers…


Showing off how much his drawing skills have improved…smile!



This is VERY serious business…


But what he couldn’t wait to show us…how he learned to play “Hide In Go Seek!”

His parents taught him that he had to be real still until the person found you…no matter HOW long it took.

He LOVES this new game and is very good at staying quiet.

He is hiding from Grammie under the desk with his stuffed furry friend. Staying oh so still. Is this not precious?

What he doesn’t realize is…the back end of the desk is open and I can see him.

Of course, I ran and found the camera and took this adorable shot of him.

One day, when he is a lot older…I can’t wait to show this photo to him and share a few laughs.

Well friends…we are in the new year! I’m looking forward to spending the next 365 days with you, sharing some laughs, inspiration, encouragement and most of all…photography to make you smile.


78 thoughts on “He Is Definitely The Star…

  1. So precious and oh, how the one of him hiding made me smile and brought back memories. Makes you just want to hold and scrunch them and never let go. So adorable.

  2. A true star indeed! Twinkling and bringing so much joy to us all. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful images, Laurie!
    Big hug,
    Dina x

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  4. I swear I can see him growing up right before my very eyes! They do grow up too quickly. I was just purging my Dropbox {because I’m almost maxed out and don’t want to pay!} and came on some photos from my summer with my granddaughter. Just a few short months ago and, Laurie, she’s changed so much. It all happens too quickly.

  5. Thank you for sharing the special moments with us! Looking forward to viewing and reading more of your fabulous photos and stories, Laurie!

  6. precious. precious. precious! a bright and shining star!! oh, Laurie, he is so precious. I’m keeping you in my prayers… hope you will do the same. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  7. They are all lovely pictures but the one of him drawing with his back to the camera is precious. This post makes me miss my little nephew Victor sooooo much

  8. Hi Laurie, Happy New Year to you and Matt. The picture of Nolan under the desk is precious. Hope to see you for MJ tomorrow. Annie

    Sent from my iPad

  9. Oh what sweet, sweet photos. Your little man will love these as he grows older. I know your holidays were filled with the joy of family. Happy New Year, my friend.

  10. Hi. I’m new in WP.com and I came through you blog though another blog. I think your quality is excellent. I love photographing children also, but now I’m just photographing nature. If you don’t mind, can you share which equipment you use? I know equipment is not what matters, but I just find your shots are very sharp and I’m in the process of upgrading some of my lenses.

  11. Enjoy this beautiful years with Little Man.When they are young, children are very endearing and very likeable.They are full awakening and that is what is wonderful for you.

  12. Every set you post, he looks a bit more grown up. It doesn’t take long does it… So wonderful he and his parents have the beautiful photos for the future. Well done as always!

  13. Happy New Year–another set of treasured photos. Love the skates on his “furry friend.” The wonder of childhood brings us full center. Children teach us much more than we can imagine would happen.

  14. He is definitely the star Laurie! Absolutely so adorable and the shots you took are stunning! Thanks for sharing this little cutie with us again hon. You did your deed for the day – made us smile. 😀 *big hugs* xxx

  15. Little Man is an adorable child. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos over the past year. Looking forward to seeing more in 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!


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