Young Wild and Free…


Can you believe this Little One has turned two?!Β 

Being a Grandparent who lives across the country is not for the faint hearted. Very hard…

Bonus inspiration for the weekend…Have you heard of Phil Chester?

This photographer just blew me away this week with raw talent.

His work…so down to earth, real,vintage…wait till you see his latest wedding shoot.

Be ready to hold your breath as the story unfolds.

He tells this most romantic passage without a sharing a word…hope you enjoy.

Thea + Colin…by Phil Chester

Have a great weekend everyone.


33 thoughts on “Young Wild and Free…

  1. I really felt their love shine thru the lens! The bride has just the most beautiful personality. Her groom is obviously smitten and rightly so. A Gorgeous smile too. I especially love the one with his ankles crossed in his jaunty yet casual shoes and her foot on his. It’s the little personal moments the photograph has captured that make the pictures so beautiful to me. Thanks for sharing their event Laurie. Best of lives joys to the newlyweds. This photographer caught the most natural moments, I was touched. Also loved that all the girls wore aqua shoes πŸ˜€

  2. What a cutie that little grandson is and two year olds are the best. I’m sure it’s difficult not having him nearby everyday. Those wedding shots are stunning. He really captured the day beautifully πŸ™‚

  3. A very happy birthday to your cute little man Laurie! They grow up so fast (sigh)… Thank you for introducing us to Phil Chester and his beautiful emotive photography! Enjoy your weekend…

  4. Happy Birthday to Little Man, he is such a doll, I know you miss him~the wedding photographs are stunning, he is a master of the composition editing that you always preach, which is so hard to do!

  5. All the best to your little one and all family. I know your feeling – my three grandchildren live even overseas. Skype, phone, and email connection is not enough. We missed a lot if not everything from their childhood. God bless you.

  6. 2 is just the best age!! How I love a two year old. He is such a little doll. I went to see Phil Chester – Holy Moly!!! You were right! Thank you for directing us there.

  7. Living on a small family farm, loving simple/crafty things, and enjoying beautiful photography, these wedding photos are masterpieces. Normally, you put a wedding photo album in a cabinet never to be retrieved. These photos could be used for wallpaper and enjoyed forever.

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