Happy Friday…


Don’t you just LOVE Friday’s in the Fall? Just smell that crisp clean air…

Enjoy your weekend…make it count.

Bonus inspiration for the Weekend: How To Find Inspiration as a Photographer.

This is SO good my friends…

The longer you wait for inspiration…the longer you wait for success. ~ Brooke Shaden.


46 thoughts on “Happy Friday…

  1. I really love the POV in your photo. Did you use Photoshop to Posterize? The trees seem very old given their girth. Our leaves are long gone so it’s still nice to see all that beautiful fall colour.

  2. So late Laurie :-/ … lovely colours in your photo yet to arrive here … nearly… but not quite …
    Thank you for the link …fascinating .. have had a short view will have to find a moment to really absorb . Such talent .

  3. Beautiful colors! Since I’ve missed so much of fall this year – there will be others to enjoy, right πŸ™‚ – I’ve so enjoyed everyone elses photos! Enjoy your weekend Laurie!

  4. WOW,,fall color at it’s best….just beautiful..Thanks for sharing the video as I am off to watch right now….Have a great weekend…

  5. Wow! What an amazing colour show. Love this image to bits. And thanks for sharing the Brooke Shaden video. I watched he whole worskshop live and was knocked out but I didn’t realize that these inspiration exercises were on YouTube so I could watch them again. Now I can. She is amazing isn’t she?

  6. As much as I am enjoying the beautiful weather in Arizona, I do miss the fall colors. I guess I’ll just need to rely on bloggers and their lovely photos…..:-)

  7. Happy Friday to you too! Funny thing: the morning news show I watch each day – has one correspondent that on Fridays always goes “Happy Friday” makes my Fridays (-:

  8. Hi from Vegas – maybe next time I am down in Florida we can meet someplace, and my wife can come with me. Really don’t like traveling without her! Not sure how far Tarpon Springs is from you. πŸ™‚

  9. Hey Laurie,

    Hope all is well with you…I thought of you this winter season as I’m trying to take good photos of my food in my kitchen with only one window 😦 Could you suggest a good small light that I could use for taking good food photo’s. I don’t usually take them till dinner time and of course it’s dark by then now 😦

    Thank you for all your help…I love to look at all your photos!!

    Blessings Shari

  10. Unbelievable photo – gorgeous. I picked up all my red leaves this week. On the driveway I had to use a snow scoop shovel to move them. I’ve had all the beauty of fall I can stand – at least in my yard. Great weekend wishes to you also. πŸ™‚

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