My First Cowboy Boots…


Can I tell you one of the top things on my bucket list to accomplish? I wanted to buy our Texas family cowboy boots…I mean seriously, they live in the BIG state.


Of course, who should be on the top of the list?…Little Man! Lord have mercy, look how cute these boots are?


The capture as he is walking passed a mirror in Cavenders Boot Shoppe. Can you imagine what is going through his little mind?

Lord, what have they done to me? Smile…


Well, cowboy boot shopping is VERY tiring…the journey home.

You will have to wait till Christmas, to find out which pair Grammie bought for the new cowboy…

Are you having a good week?


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64 thoughts on “My First Cowboy Boots…

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  2. Oh now, that’s darling! Being Texas born myself, I can attest to the need of owning a pair of cowboy boots. It’s a necessity if you’re going to call yourself a Texan, or in my case a New Texican (Texan/New Mexican).

  3. Laurie, it is so good to be back viewing a few blogs! That photo of Little Man sleeping is nothing short of beautiful, and I love the one of him looking in the mirror too.
    Since I am so behind on looking at blogs, let me know if there is a favorite of yours that I have missed since the accident.

  4. Ah Laurie what a dream little guy he is !
    Look at him tipping his hat in the mirror πŸ™‚ and those cowboy boots … just terrific !!!

  5. Ooooh what a gorgoeus adorable, handsome “Little Man”! He brightens up me evening now, thanks a lot for so many smiles! πŸ™‚
    Love, DIna Xx

  6. Your camera does “Little Man” such justice. I swear, he is the embodiment of child beauty. The skin–the lashes–the expressions and utter unawareness of self. I think that’s what most appealing about children. They are so natural!

    somewhere–maybe high school?–we all become so affected. Well…a lot of us.

    Excellent, Laurie/Pippi!!!

  7. Your eye for photos never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful shots – especially the mirror and the sleeping boy ones. Judging from the look on his face, my guess is he’s getting those boots in that photo. πŸ˜†

  8. Ahh…couldn’t you just eat him with a spoon? Those boots are to die for and that cowboy hat….he’s just so precious….

  9. This is just the cutest! Really like the one where he is looking in the mirrorr and tapping his cowboy hat ….. just like a little gentleman!

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