My Lasting Song…


My Lasting Song…

Some of my favorite moments since you moved and caused all the hype,
are when we gather around the computer and talk to you on Skype!

I love that in those moments you slip into your funny self,
making us feel…we have all the wealth.

You are growing up into such a wonderful little boy,
even though it is hard at times, to pull you away from your toys☺

Wherever the path of life leads you,Β we will be cheering the loudest,
Hold on grandson, we love you!

A bonus inspiration for the weekend…

10 Small Things You Could Do Today….to change your state of mind!
I am working on number 5 & 9…how about you?



35 thoughts on “My Lasting Song…

  1. Amen… amen… and amen… I share your sentiments, Laurie. Your Little Man is just too precious for words… blessings ~ tanna

  2. Handsome boy and when you don’t live next door to your grands the available technology is a wonderful thing. My grandson lost one of his front teeth yesterday – he won’t be whistling anytime soon because the other one is loose too. They grow up so fast. Enjoy.

  3. Love the high key treatment on these photos. I’m on 5&9 also. I have a lot going on at work right now that is very challenging and so trying to learn from it. As far as the clothes – I’m a sucker for sales/coupons/take an extra 50% off the red tag price……….etc. I purged the closet last weekend and still have too much!!!

  4. Your post is a joy as usual, and the collage of the grandbabykins is really great…love it! I need to print that list and post it in front of me as a reminder to do some of them. Thanks for sharing that link. πŸ™‚ I’ve often walked in the cemetery, and when I do I say prayers for those that have lost loved ones; especially the young people that have gone too soon. It doesn’t make me sad, but glad that they seem remembered by someone that didn’t know them at all.

  5. Photos are really lovely. As for the list, 2. I am fortunate to have a beautiful, hilly cemetery in my neighborhood where I walk often. It has helped me through some rough periods in my life. 4. I live my life now doing things I enjoyed as a kid. I AM still a kid! 9. I am going to start donating those clothes to Goodwill so people who appreciate them more than I do can use them. 11. Who doesn’t rock out in their car????

  6. You are completing a memory book of every detail of his precious life and one day it will be more valuable than gold….

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