Sunshine Questions and Award…REVISED

One of the most creative and nicest women of my online friends, Sherry Galey, who blogs at Still and All, has nominated myself and a few others for the Sunshine Award. Thank you, Sherry!

Sherry hails from Ottawa, Canada, and we’ve gotten to know each other through the magic of social media, after taking a course in photographic art from Kim Klassen. (We call ourselves Kim’s “groupies” on Facebook.)


For me, still is a lovely small word that contains many meanings and a great paradox.

As a photographer, I love the meaning of “still” as a single photograph.

But stillness is also where inspiration and art arises from. Still suggests not moving, silent, peaceful, calm, and undisturbed.

At the same time, still relates to movement and continuity, meaning: always; ever; constantly; in the future as now and before.

Sherry has even had a few of her pieces selected to be presented on Getty Images website for sale…such an honor!


    1. If you could learn one skill that you’ve never had, what would it be, and why?
      Music plays such an important role in my life, that I would have to say to say…Belting A Beautiful Tune would be magic for me.
    2. What do you love more…taking photographs or writing?This one is a no brainier to consider…hands down photography.
    3. Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
      I am an extrovert…much to my dismay at times☺
    4. Do you have a fear that you have not yet conquered?
      Standing Up For Myself.
    5. Do you have a dream you’ve suppressed due to life commitments?
      Yes, I am in the process of making one of my dreams a reality…when this happens I will be sharing all the details right here. Stay tuned…
    6. Are you a night owl or a morning person?
      Definitely, a night owl…I could “Hoot” all night long reading a book in bed until the wee hours of the morning.
    7. What book has made a huge impact on you?
      Oh no…I could never just name ONE…“Jesus Calling” 365 Day Devotional by Sarah Young, If You Want To Walk On Water, You Got To Get Out Of The Boat by John Ortberg, Izzy and Lenore by Jon Katz. THERE ARE SO MANY MORE…
    8. If you could travel to any place in Canada, where would it be? Lake Louise…it is located in the most beautiful province of Canada-Alberta.
    9. What qualities most touch you in a person?
      Trustworthy and Humbleness.
    10. What do you do when inspiration to create leaves you?
      This is a daily routine for me, so I don’t find myself in this situation…Enrich. All ideas start as tiny seeds in a person’s mind. Of course, many of them die quickly. Try to plant as many of these seeds as you can by enriching yourself with media. Listen to music, watch videos, read books, analyze articles and try new things every day!

As you probably well know by now, I don’t normally fill out these questionnaires…it makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but I wanted to honor Sherry as an artist and the encouragement she gives to others.

PS…this posted earlier today by accident without my answers. Sigh…forgive the double entry on my part.

Have a FANTASTIC day today!


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39 thoughts on “Sunshine Questions and Award…REVISED

  1. what wonderful answers to Sherry’s questions. I’m finally getting to visit everyone else’s blog to read the responses and I just did mine too.

  2. I do appreciate that you made an exception about accepting awards Laurie! Thank you so very much for the kind words about me and my blog, Still and All. It has been one of the pleasures of blogging to get to know inspirational bloggers like yourself. And one neat thing about awards like these is that they do allow us to learn a little more about each other. Loved your answers, and I’m tantalized to hear more about your dream. I love that you keep striving to make your dreams happen. Have a great week!

  3. Love knowing more about your Laurie. You are such a special and loving person. Great post and share and congrats on the award hon. 😀 *big hugs*

  4. Congrats on your award Laurie -Sunshine is a perfect award for you too!
    Thanks for sharing a bit about you in answering the questions. LOL on hooting all night long 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your lovely award, Laurie. I agree with you about the gift of music being really wonderful. 🙂 I believe those two qualities you mention are the most important. Love your answers.

  6. Congratulations on the nomination Laurie! Well deserved… thank you for sharing more about yourself, it’s always fascinating to learn more about the person behind the blog 🙂

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