Grandchild of Mine…


“Let’s Show Grammie and Papa all what you have learned, since the last time they visited,” says our daughter.

We walk outside and he can’t wait to be outdoors, so off he runs. Apparently, he has found this new spot around the side of their house that is just his size. When he sits down…it fits him perfectly.

I turn and look at my daughter and she says, “Yes, this is one of his new things he has started doing.”

He always wants to sit in this corner and have Daddy throw the ball to him. Well, Daddy is a beloved baseball fan…so this is just a great match for the two of them.

Little Man is doing great in learning the coordination of catching the ball. Of course, every time he caught one…his grandparents went nuts. This in turn brought on big smiles by Mommy and Daddy and as you can see Little Man too!


The next thing they wanted to show us was, how he can identify all of his body parts. Mommy asks, “Where is your hair?” Where is your elbow? Where are your toes? and on and on…he never missed one.


He also has found another place that is just perfect for him! I call it the stone mushroom…out in their backyard. Not to big, not to little…just right.

Apparently, he has been told before that he is to leave the little screw cap on this bottle. But he is bound and determined to get this off in front of his grandparents. Can you tell by his reaction to this image, that he knows he is NOT to be doing this?


The last thing they wanted to show us was his batting skills. Daddy says, “Little Man” you want to hit the ball with your bat? By this time, he is getting tired! He just sits down on the grass and batter up! What a hoot…we just laughed and laughed.

Tip of the Day for Photographers/Bloggers:

A Tip for Tack Sharp Images…

When shooting an image, most of us push the shutter half way to focus, then swing the camera over to the composition/position we want our subject. When you’re recomposing your shot, instead of tilting or swiveling the camera to recompose, try to move your camera so that the sensor stays parallel to your subject. Don’t move the camera, but move your whole body to do this. If you keep the sensor parallel to your subject, you’re much less likely to have it fail by throwing your subject out of the plane of focus.

We hope this brought a smile to your face today.


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47 thoughts on “Grandchild of Mine…

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  2. Little Man is so awesome! Snap while you can because he might get to the stage where he won’t let you take his photo and you have to be stealthy about it. So enjoy it while it lasts!

  3. What a gorgeous little man…love those blue eyes. Yes, can relate to the elation of being a grandparent. Never thought it would be such joy, and from your post can see he is a delight to everyone. How cute. Love the sitting down batter up position. πŸ™‚

  4. Great photos Gram! Such an adorable little man. (Have the blade(s) sharpened on the lawn mower, the tops of the grass blades are torn.) πŸ˜‰

  5. These are just the cutest photos of a very cute kid… one of my grandkids drives me around the game parks now… wish they all stayed that young… then we would stand still too…

  6. Adorable pictures πŸ™‚
    I often shoot politicians (ok, that can easily be misinterpreted πŸ˜‰ ) while they hold their speeches. Confronted with low light situations and wide open apertures (f 2.8), I have to struggle with a very small depth of field. So it is quite hard to achieve those nice sharp and crispy images. I am one of those who focus and recompose their image by tilting their cam. I will try to follow your tip and move my body instead of my camera, even if this seems to be more difficult (especially with a shallow depth of field).
    Thanks for the tipp!

  7. Oh yes! I was smiling all the way through it… I love how children can express themselves so openly! Thanks for the treat. It brought back some fawned memories :O)

  8. Little man is sooooo cute! And getting so big! This post did put a smile on my face – thank you for that and your excellent tip. I hope you and your family have a great weekend! πŸ˜€

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